>June K. Berg and Stan Berg were appointed Purple Angel World Ambassadors - October 2013 to help raise dementia awareness world-wide.
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Dimentia Aware

June K. Berg and Alzheimer’s

 Site dedicated in honor and memory of my wife June K. Berg and my mother Ellen F. Silbaugh,  victims of Alzheimer's. June died  23 October 2008. My mother Ellen died  21 October 2007, 

Alzheimer's is the 5th leading cause of disease death in the U.S.  Alzheimer's kills 11 times more people every year in U.S. than die of the so called AIDS epidemic(Over 232 daily) The NIH still (2013 estimated budget) budgets over $3.5 billion + a year on AIDS research and funding, while Alzheimer’s, with over 11 times as many victims, receives a mere $484 million. Alzheimer's annual mortality Rates increased 68% in the decade 2000-2010. Preliminary 2011 data indicates  total of 84,691 yearly deaths. . There are 450,000 new cases a yearOver 1,200 daily!  Year 2050 projections =  1,000,000 cases. There are 44 + million cases world wide. (2013) The disease is raging out of control with pathetic funding. - Contact The President and  Congress!

*Data - U.S. Govt 2011 estimates.  (Data lags 2-3 years behind.)

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