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Azaleas - A Living Memorial for my Mother June Berg

           (Autumn Starlite Azalea in memory of her Mother June Berg by her daughter Susan E. (Berg) Speicher.)
This Azalea was purchased and planted in memory of my mom  on November 8, 2008, what would have been my mother's 81st birthday. My mother June had passed away just 16 days earlier from complications of Alzheimer's disease.
It is one of the "Encore Azaleas", blooming  both spring and fall.  This particular one is called the "Autumn Starlite" featuring spectacular white blooms.  It was placed near one of my bird feeders in a sunny location, reminiscent  of how my mom and I both shared a love for feeding the birds.
I started planting azaleas in my yard several years back in remembrance of my pets when they died.  It carried over to family members and friends that I have lost. Since then, I have done this for friends when they lost pets and other family.  They all  seemed to find it to be a nice way to stay connected. These have become living tributes that will survive me. When they bloom in the spring, they offer both hope for the new season of spring and hope for the healing heart.
                                    Susan attending her mother's Azalea's
                             (Photo above is Susan tending her mother's Azalea Memorial plant - April 2009.)