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June K. Berg and Alzheimer’s

Site dedicated in honor and memory of my wife June K. Berg and my mother Ellen F. Silbaugh,  victims of Alzheimer's. June died  23 October 2008. My mother Ellen died  21 October 2007, 

An American Academy of Neurology 5 March 2014 study reported in “Neurology” indicates that Alzheimer’s disease is a much larger cause of death than reported by NIH. Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are under reported on death certificates and medical records. Death certificates often list the immediate cause of death such as pneumonia rather then listing Alzheimer’s dementia as an underlying cause. Results of study of 2,566 people age 65 and older indicates that there were an estimated 503,400 yearly deaths  in the US in 2010 which is 5-6 times higher than the CDC based on death certificates. The AA endorses this number. This would place the rate close to Cancer as 3rd leading cause of death. (Daily average of 1414 deaths.)

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