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June K. Berg - Mother's Day 2012 - In Memoriam

June Berg 1994

(Mother's Day May 1994 - Majestic Oaks Country Club)


June, it is once again “Mother’s Day” and a time to recount the many ways you have blessed the lives of our children and grandchildren as well as my own life. Your life has been one series of love gifts that you have given to your family, your children and grandchildren.

The children and grandchildren all have fond memories of the many times and events in which you have touched their lives over the past years. Let me mention just a few of them.

Dan remembers the Christian attitudes and training he received from you as well as a feeling of being valued 100% of the time.

Julie remembers as a little girl how you would gently wake her in the mornings by softly rubbing her back. In adult times she is grateful for the many years that you helped care for her children so she was able to keep her job. She says “You were even in the delivery room with me when my first child was born or I would have been alone. I remember the tears in your eyes and you telling me that you wished that you could take the pain instead of me. You always put family and friends before yourself.”

David and Susan remember how you would take raisins from your own bowl of cereal and add to theirs so they would have more. “Thanks for the Raisins Mom!”

Most of the children and grandchildren remember your special breakfast pancakes always in the shape of Mickey Mouse with chocolate chip eyes, nose and mouth.

All of the children remember the traditional banana splits that you would create for them every Sunday evening.

Emily remembers when her Mom had to work, you were always there waiting with a big smile to greet her when she returned home from school.

Erik remembers the time you took him to Red Wing and a Yacht trip with the Captain who let him steer the boat.

Steven remembers when you took him to visit his grandparents in Wisconsin and then stopped by the famous Al Capone’s hideaway of the “Roaring 20’s”

Kristen remembers when you took her to Milwaukee on her first train ride to visit an aunt and uncle. Kristen also remembers when you would read them Children’s Bible Stories.

Amanda remembers when she stayed over night and became the ice cream gourmet of her family when you introduced her to Haagen Dazs ice cream.

Gretchen I believe speaks for all the grandchildren when she describes you: “Visiting Grandma June was like going to Disney Land. We always had so much fun together. Laughing and being silly. She would connect the garden hose from the laundry room and fill the wading pool so we would have nice warm water to play in.  We would bake cookies, play games, shop, and go to the movies and even Valley Fair. She did everything to make us happy. I loved how she used to tuck me in at night and pray with me at bed time. She would read to me while I was all cozy in bed. She always made me feel very special and very loved. What an incredible Grandma.”

What a great role model of love and compassion you have always been to the family. When your own Mother suffered a devastating and paralyzing stroke, you put your own life on hold and traveled 200 miles round trip to Wisconsin every week to spend a few days with your Mom visiting, assisting with her care and comforting her. You did this faithfully for two years until your Mom mercifully passed away.

It was in January of 1998 that you were first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Your journey into the shadows of Alzheimer’s was a very long, dark and sad time for all of us. After an almost 11 years battle with Alzheimer’s, you gave up your exhausting struggle when God called you home on 23 October 2008.

You have lived a life of love and compassion with a strong faith in God. You have been an inspiration to the entire family. The children and grandchildren will never forget that “incredible” mother and grandmother, nor will I ever forget the wife who made my life an adventure and who will always be the love and light of my life.

We all love you deeply and miss you so very much!


Stan, the Children and the Grandchildren




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June 1994

June Berg passed away on 23 October 2008 after almost 11 weary years of battling Alzheimer's. June's funeral notice as printed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune following her death in October 2008 can be found on the top blue navigation strip under the label "In Memoriam" and on the drop down menu or click this link:


"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam".