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June Visits her Granddaughter in a Dream - October 2010



I recently received a note from my Granddaughter Gretchen Berg (10/25/2010) in which she outlined a dream that she had the previous night. Gretchen's  Grandma June Berg had appeared to her in the dream. Grandma June talked with Gretchen in the dream and even gave her a glimpse of Heaven.


June and Gretchen Sept. 1987 “Hi Grandpa,

Grammy came to visit me last night in a dream. We were sitting in an auditorium surrounded by people singing, one by one.. Grandma looked just beautiful with no signs of Alzheimer’s. She was wearing this pink lipstick that I used to have, and sometimes she would try it on too, back in the day. She was holding a picture of you and her together and commenting how she missed  going back to that time. She told me about how in life you start out as a baby, then grow up, and then finally you are kind of back to the baby stage because you can’t take care of yourself any longer. She also had me take a look at a pale yellow rose that she had - when you looked closely, you could see this other world, like a heaven or something. Needless to say, I woke up crying as it felt so real.

I hope she comes back soon!!  I miss her so much.


Gretchen – (Monday -  25 October 2010.)


Gretchen’s additional comments on the dream

June and Gretchen 1998“The rose is kind of hard to explain. It was a typical rose, but when you looked at it closely, you could start to see this beautiful place, which is why I think it must be heaven. I like to think this place must be where Grams now lives.. You could say it was like the keyhole into heaven - Very colorful, with amazing landscape. I could see water of some kind.- I don’t recall any buildings.

The auditorium was lit with candles or some kind of soft lighting. It was small, with about 30 people of all ages. I heard one person singing a solo, and others a duet. Grandma was wearing a red blazer and a denim skirt and holding the framed photo of you and her together. Grandma was very peaceful.

That’s all I can remember unfortunately. It didn’t seem like the time frame was very long, maybe 5 minutes? I wish I could have hugged her again. Kristen asked me if I hugged Grandma  in the dream. Next time I hope I get a chance to!

I think I am pretty lucky to have had this dream.”

Tuesday – 26 October 2010


Photo/Picture Notes: The top picture of June and Gretchen was taken in September 1987. (Gretchen who was born on 27 November 1971, was about to be 16 years of age.) The bottom picture was taken in 1998, the year in which June was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. That year Gretchen would be age 27.


Dreams: Heaven Sent - or Not?.

I am sure that many dreams are simply (1.) pleasant sleep reminiscences. Others may result from (2.) daily cares and concerns that are lodged or at rest in our minds.

I recall some time ago during June’s late Alzheimer’s journey, when I would have recurring nighttime dreams - June and I would be in a large mall or shopping area in another state. June would become separated from me, and I could not find her...I could not  get help...I would explain to everyone  she had Alzheimer's and was confused...they  would  listen politely but no one would do anything to help me find her.  I am sure these dreams resulted from my constant concern for June getting lost when we were out in large public area or places like shopping centers and airports.

 I tried to give June a feeling of independence, while still being cautious for her safety. June always liked card shops among many other such favorites. I would usually station or seat myself in the mall area nearby so that I could watch for her to come out. I wanted to make sure that June did not turn in the wrong direction and get lost. Caribou Coffee in Rosedale Mall was a place we would frequent that also had a nearby Hallmark shop. June would soon migrate to the card shop. I would seat my self at a small table at Caribou Coffee so I could watch the entrance of the card shop for her return and make sure that she did not make a wrong turn... I would do the same with airport restrooms. I recall in one large airport where what I feared, actually happened…The rest room was half a block from our gate area. June came out of the restroom and turned to walk in the wrong direction. I ended up rushing after her. I am sure that the multiple dreams in which I lost June in crowded public areas were related to my concern for her and served to trigger or cause such dreams. Such dreams that result from our daily cares and concerns appear to be specifically excluded by the Bible as not heaven sent. Ecclesiastes 5: 3-7 -  "For a dream cometh through the multitude of business...For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also divers vanities..." 

Other dreams are like a recent dream that I had just one day ago. It was simply a pleasant sleep reminiscence. I was in another state getting ready to testify in a forensic case. June was with me. I recall there was a lot of activity by the various attorney’s getting ready for the trial. June was there with me as all of the preparations were going on.

I think that both the (1.) dreams resulting from pleasant reminiscences and those (2.) that result from cares and concerns have no special spiritual meaning. I do not believe that such dreams are heaven sent.

Other dreams may well have special spiritual meaning and be Heaven sent!  In the Bible dreams have been used to: (a.) Give Warnings. (b.) Reveal Prophecy. (c.) Give Encouragement.  and to (d.) Grant Gifts. (1 Kings 3: 5, 9, 12, 15. (KJV): "Ask what I shall give thee.", "an understanding heart", "a wise...heart".."And Solomon awoke, and hehold, it was a dream."

The dream by Gretchen was not a dream resulting from a simple sleep reminiscence nor was it one resulting from cares or concerns.  Gretchen’s dream seemed to be on the order of a special message with special significance and meaning. When June appeared in Gretchen's dream she was carrying two (2) exhibits. One was a framed picture of June and Me. The other was a pale yellow Rose. June then talked about the exhibits. Following these events, June then went into a teaching mode to explain a philosopy of life. This would have to be regarded as extremely unusual. I really feel it was a heavenly message from June and that it is not inconsistent with the dreams discussed in the Bible references below. It reminds me of my forensic science days when I came into court carrying exhibits in order to teach and explain to the jury.  I have never had such an unusual dream at any time in my life. 

June talked to Gretchen fondly about past family times when referencing the picture she was holding of her and me. A clear reference to her time here on earth while living somewhere else…June then called Gretchen’s attention to the Rose she was holding…when Gretchen looked into the rose it was as if she was looking through a keyhole into heaven…this is striking and unusual…obviously not something in Gretchen’s past history with June…not something Gretchen had read or heard recently…the setting was very different...where else would something so rare and unusual come from…June looked beautiful and peaceful. June even discussed a philosophy of life or the “Circle of Life” as we know it…why else would she talk with Gretchen about the “Circle of Life” if she had not just gone through it? Gretchen even identified colors in the dream. Most of us dream in black and white. I think it all comes down to a message from June to the family by way of visiting Gretchen in a dream and that message says:” I am fine and I am living in Heaven and I love you all!”


Biblical References – Dreams

There are numerous references in the Bible to Dreams and Visions. One researcher reports finding that dreams or visions are mentioned 224 times in the Bible. This same researcher finds that 1/3rd of the Bible relates to visions or dreams and that God frequently talked to his children in dreams. Important persons in the Bible that are referenced as dreamed are: Abraham, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jacob, Joseph, Mary, Paul, and Cornelius. In the Bible, angels often spoke to people in a dream.

An angel visited Joseph in a dream and told him that Mary's baby was conceived by the Holy Spirit and he should not foresake her as was the custom under those apparent circumstances.

An angel warned Joseph in a dream to take a different route home after the birth of Jesus because the wicked king Herod wanted to kill the infant.

Jacob dreamed of a ladder of angels leading to heaven. It was a ladder connecting heaven to earth upon which angels ascended and descended. (Book of Genesis.)

The first two chapters of Matthew contain five (5) recorded dream references that gave warnings or advice. (Matthew 1: 20 - 2: 12, 13, 19, 22. (KJV)

Numbers 12: 6 - (KJV): “And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.”

Job 33: 14-16 - (KJV):  “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction,…

1 Kings 3: 5 – (KJV): “In Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee.”

Acts 2: 17 – (KJV): “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams:” This paragraph almost word for word appears in the old testament in the book of Joel 2: 28. The same reference to dreams

Daniel 7: 1 – (KJV): “In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed: then he wrote the dream, and told the sum of the matters.” 




Between Being Swept Away in Blissful Rest

And the Moment a Body, a Mind Awake

There's a Place Fixed Where We May Rest

Where Things Can Happen Anomaly

While I Softly Breathed and Slept

My Dearest Member of The Family

My Grammy Appeared


We Sat In a Softly Lit Hall

With People Singing Solo or Paired

Beauty and Peace Gram Was Adorned

Within Her Arms She Held a Framed Photo

Of Herself with Gramps Whom She Clearly Adored

Her Signature Smile was Colored in Pink

Of The Circle of Life With Family Links


There Were No Shadows of Alzheimer's

To Darken Her Beautiful Face

Or The Days to Come Hereafter

Grams Invited me to Glimpse

Into a Pale Yellow Rose She Held

My Vision Was Eclipsed

By Bright Colors of a Landscape So Vivid

It Must Have Been a Key Hole View of Heaven

 Of Where We Can Love and Be Forgiven

Grams Arms Wrapped About Me With Love


The Bright Morning Light Coaxed Open My Wet Eyes

And I knew Immediately, She Had Returned to Her Realm Above



Marsha McKneely Ault, Nacogdoches, Texas

15 May 2018




Other Comments and References

(1.) Jeremy Oltmann, Redeemer Lutheran Missionary serving in India. 

On November 14th, 2010, Jeremy presented the sermon at the Redeemer Lutheran Church, Sunday service. The subject was: “Hearing God’s Voice in a Loud and Confusing World.

 A sermon outline handout contained the following final note: “God communicated through the Scriptures, through dreams, vision, words, impressions and elders, which never conflicts with the Word of God.”

     Note: In regard to Gretchen's dream, Jeremy comments: "He (God) does use a lot of metaphors in the Bible and no doubt speaks to us in that way, probably more often than we realise! For those who have dreams of that nature they are pretty encouraging, as is the case with your granddaughter. Take it for what it is worth and enjoy it!"


(2.) Reverend Erma Jean Yates - Baptist - Christian. Retired - formerly associated with Mt.  Sinai Baptist Church, Clinton Tennessee.


Erma Jean Yates“I can not analyze this event. It speaks for itself... straightforward, crystal clear and in glorious living color as it came to Gretchen. I can say that the "auditorium" means this, the "singing" means that and her glimpsing the 'new heaven and the new earth' through a "pale yellow rose" is a spiritual rarity... yet, I can not disturb this beautiful event... I humbly acknowledge, accept and reverence it."

I believe this: Every aspect of Gretchen's vision has high spiritual significance. June came to Gretchen with a pearl of great price for the "Love of Her Life - Stan", for each one of her beloved family members... and for every eye that will ever glimpse her website... oh, what great compassion has she toward us.. that Gretchen's "dream" will touch souls throughout the universe! Each reader receiving his/her own personal blessed message and interpreting this event according to his/her own level of consciousness of God's love... a perfect love sent forth through June. Why must we feel discouraged? How gently, tenderly, she has given us a key to the only 'real' - she did not die nor did she forget anything, rather, awakened to a greater consciousness of God and a greater capacity to love, cherish precious memories and to comfort Stan, her loved ones and those of us who must awaken likewise... remember that Jesus showed His hands and His feet and the nail prints in them. June is alive forevermore!.”      (October 27, 2010)


Sean Kelly

(3.) Pastor Sean Kelly, Panasquitos Lutheran Church, San Diego, Califorina.

“This is a very interesting and subjective topic. As you correctly capture in your website for June, there are numerous times (especially in the OT) that reference dreams and visions.

I truly believe God continues to speak to us in dreams...

I am by no means an expert on this subject. I suspect that the Lord graciously gave your granddaughter a gift of encouragement with words of hope and visions of memories past - a memory of one of her favorite persons…

Why did she dream this?"…Despite the "why," she received a very tangible experience of God's grace manifested in a dream of her grandmother.”      (15 November 2010)



Pastor David  Glesne(4.) Pastor David Glesne, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fridley, MN.

 “I surely believe God can and still does communicate through dreams today as He has done in the past.  You say, Stan, that you "really feel it was a heavenly message from June and that it is not inconsistent with the dreams discussed in the Bible references..."

My hesitancy would be to say that the dream had June as its source. I may be wrong, but I'm not sure there is a basis in Scripture which would lead us to believe that believers who die communicate now with the living. I would rather be inclined to believe that God may be the source of the dream and is giving encouragement to Gretchen and you in this way.

Cherish that thought and encouragement. What is certain is that June is in the presence of Jesus and being kept there safe in his hands.  Grace & Peace,   Pastor Dave     (29 November 2010)

     Editorial Comments: Pastor Glesne hesitates to say that Gretchen’s dream came directly from June as opposed to coming from God because he is uncertain for the basis in scripture that would indicate prior communications from the dead to the living in dreams. First, I would point out that there is no scripture that prohibits such communications from the dead to the living in dreams.. My own research however would indicate that there is such a basis to be found in the Bible. References to dead saints and prophets appearing in a dream can be found the following book of the Bible::  2 Maccabees 15: 11-16**

In addition, if God permits saints-believers and prophets  to return from the dead to visit us and records it in the Bible (Matthew 17: 1-3 - Moses and Elijah returned from the dead to the Mount of Transfiguration.) then it is hardly even a stretch of imagination to believe he also permits such visitations by way of dreams. 

    ** (2 Maccabees 15: 11-16) - “11: He armed each of them not so much with confidence in shields and spears as with the inspiration of brave words, and he cheered them all by relating a dream, a sort of vision, which was worthy of belief. 12: What he saw was this: Onias, who had beenhighpriest, a noble and good man, of modest bearing and gentle manner, one who spoke fittingly and had been trained from childhood in all that belongs to excellence, was praying with outstretched hands for the whole body of the Jews. 13: Then likewise a man appeared, distinguished by his gray hair and dignity, and of marvelous majesty and authority. 14: And Onias spoke, saying, "This is a man who loves the brethren andprays much for the people and the holy city, Jeremiah, the prophet of God." 15: Jeremiah stretched out his right hand and gave to Judas a golden sword, and as he gave it he addressed him thus: 16: "Take this holy sword, a gift from God, with which you will strike down your adversaries."

      **Catholics and Orthodox Christians consider 2 Maccabees book to be canonical and part of the Bible. Some Protestants include 2 Maccabees as part of the Biblical Apocrypha, (KJV)  and the Luther Bible. The Church of England (Christian - Catholic and Reformed) defines 2 Maccabees as useful...


5. Grace McClure, Intern Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran Church,  Fridley, MN. 

Grace McClure“I too think the dream is significant, but when we experience a dream like this we should always “test the spirits” as 1 John 4 says. We can under-spiritualize a dream just as much as we can over-spiritualize it. Even if someone we love is in a powerful dream like this, I don’t believe it means that person is trying to communicate with us, but rather it is a loving God communicating to us—a message He knows we need to hear…Yes, you’re right—I think this dream is absolutely more than just “happenstance” or coincidence. The feeling that you get when you read it is something to pay attention to. I think it’s incredible what great lengths an all-powerful God goes to just to speak to His children”…Grace McClure   (12/28/2010)


A Second Dream

 On Saturday evening 10 March 2012, Gretchen had another dream of her Granda June. This time it was a dream of her Grandma June dying. The very next morning at 9:50 AM, 11 March 2012, June and my friend, Al Bangert died at the Alzheimer's Villa of the Benedictine Health Care Center in New Brighton. Al was a victim of Lewy Body disease, another of the dementia producing diseases. Like June, he died from Aspiration Pneumonia. The room he died in was just two doors from June's room when she was at the Villa. Al had come down with the pneumonia just two days before on Thursday. Al was also on Hospice at the time and was surrounded by family members. It was as if June had used a dream to foretell of Al's impending death. June and I had been friends of Al and his wife Mavis for many years. Al and I had at one time been work associates. We both had traveled with our wives to San Francisco in 1967 where we received the CPCU Casualty Insurance academic honor designation at a national conferment in that city. Al and I with our wives both spent an enjoyable week together in San Francisco.


      Background Notes:  June has 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 9 great-grand children. You might ask, why would Gretchen be the one selected for a visit by their grandmother by way of a dream.  June would be the first to say that she loves all of her children and grandchildren without reservation. However, I noted over the years that Gretchen and June have a special connection. This connection became very special during June's Alzheimer's years. Gretchen was by far the most frequent visitor of all the grandchildren to our home at 6025 Gardena Lane.  During the late stages of Alzheimer's and when June was in the darkest shadows of this terrible disease, Gretchen spent many nights with June in an effort to comfort June and to help care for her. These visits to 6025 Gardena Lane were frequently  overnights during this time period. Gretchen literally put her Real Estate sales business on hold to assist in June's care. When June first went into a Nursing Home in March of 2005, Gretchen was so upset that she considered kidnapping her grandmother from the Nursing Home to personally care for her. This plan was quickly abandoned when she considered how unrealistic and impractical this would really be. June often referred to Gretchen as "Poo Bear" one of her pet names for her. For the story of June’s favorite home at 6025 Gardena Lane and the poem I wrote about this home during a day of deep sadness, click on the below link under the "Reader's Comments":. This was June’s home for almost 40 years. It was constructed shortly after the previous home was severely damaged in a tornado. 6025 Gardena Lane was the first home the June participated in the selection and purchase of a lot on a small hill, helped with the design of the home and watched it being constructed. 6025 Gardena Lane had a special place in June's heart.

6025 Gardena Lane – June’s Favorite Home”


 © 2012 Stanton O. Berg


Reader’s Comments

Susan Day  – Dayton, Ohio - (31 March 2012): “Thank you so much for sharing this account and all of the references associated with Gretchen's experience of her dream. I am going to copy this article and all of the references and statements and look more closely at the information. I believe that dreams can be extremely important and very informative for people. Often they reveal much to us about our lives.”

Lisa Mendez  – Sugarland, Texas -  (31 March 2012): “Do you mind if I share this? Gretchen and I have the same birthday.”

Vivienne Davies Quarrell  – Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom - (31 March 2012): “Beautiful & comforting Stanton - please thank Gretchen for sharing this with us… It is surprising how many people experience very powerful dreams following the loss of a loved one - they often appear well again and have messages to give in one way or another - I don't believe it is merely the psychology of the psyche needing to adjust to loss and grief that influences these dreams.”

Teresa Mayo  - Maryville, Tennessee - (28 August 2012): "Thank you for the article. I have had a few of these dreams myself & often wondered who else did. I think it's wonderful when a loved one or friend comes back to visit me in a dream, but never really told anyone about it. I wish it happened more often."

Dianne Cogar  - Springfield, Ohio - (28 August 2012): "Beautiful dream! Gretchen is a very blessed young lady that she was given this time. I believe, with each visit, there are also messages that pertain to our own life here. It's certain she can expect many to follow!" 

Kathleen Dean  - Fredericktown, Ohio  - (29 April 2014): "Tears of happiness sent your way..."

Louise Ann Howard  - Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia - (28 April 2014): "Very interesting Stanton...Thanks. It is a very open area. I love others thoughts and experiences. Thank you."

Susan Owen  - Princeton, West Virginia - (29 April 2014): "All of these comments contiinue to provide hope.  Thanks Stanton, for your words of wisdom.

Connie Lowers O'Brien  - Birchwood, Tennessee - (29 April 2014): "Beautiful story and I myself have had similar dreams but I always call them my visitation with my family and friends."

Gwen Bush  - Beavercreek, Oregon - (30 April 2014): "Your granddaughter looks so much like your wife. I too believe in dreams thank you for sharing."

Susie Blake Was Dodd  - Bartley, Southampton, United Kingdom - (30 April 2014): "That's lovely, I hope my mum comes to visit me soon. I dreamt about her just before she died, we were on a cruise together and she was telling me that although she was sad that she was near the end of her life, she was looking forward to being free from this dreadful disease which meant that she no longer recognised me or her much adored grandsons..."

Mary Smith  - Huntington, West Virginia - (30 April 2014): "Like A visit. I can't read much on my phone because the writing is too hard on my eyes. My family have dreams that seem like visits from loved ones whe passed on. There is something to that."

Gilda Yen Torino  - Manila, Philippines - (30 April 2014): "So spiritually lovely."

Bridie Breen  - Manchester, United Kingdom - (30 April 2014): "Stan it's always such a comfort to have a dream about loved ones passed. For me it's usually when stresses are high or something's big is going on in the family, like new babies, I alway's feel it's like my mum trying to convey her eternal watching over us. Always loving."

Beth Ann  Doucette  - Lino Lakes, Minnesota - (30 April 2014): "I agree with you, Stan. I have visited my mother and also my best friend in dreams. My best friend died of Cancer at age 47 and my mom a few months later, at only age 77...Too young for both of them...Thanks for sharing."

Mimi Taylor Nataro  - Hicksville, New York - (30 April 2014): "When I was a teen I often had dreams of my Great Uncle Walt when I needed encouragement. NowI have dreams often of my Dad, Aunt Audrey, my Grandma & more recently my Aunt Vinnie & Uncle Norman who died recently. The next day some situation is always solved or I make contact with someone I need to reach out. I find these dreams comforting ALWAYS. It lets me know my loved ones are still here for me." 


June's Passing

June 1994

June first noticed a problem with her short term memory during 1997. Short term memory loss is a hallmark first symptom of Alzheimer's. In January of 1998, June was diagnosed by the University of Minnesota as being in the early stages of Alzheimer's. June's long journey into the shadows of this terrible disease ended after almost 12 years when she passed away on 23 October 2008 from Aspiration Pneumonia, a common complication of Alzheimer's. June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website under the "In Memoriam" label -  or simply Click on this link:


"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"