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Ellen F. (Nedland) Silbaugh - Mother's Day - In Memoriam -




Ellen Silbaugh 1998



Mother, God mercifully took you to heaven on October 21st 2007, after a weary and exhausting six year battle and struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. When you finally lost the battle and left us at 98 years, you had outlived three husbands.


You were born on the family dairy and tobacco farm on the Yellow River north of Barron Wisconsin on 14 December were the daughter of immigrant parents...Your Father Gabriel Tollackson Nedland came to America from Flekkefjord, Norway...he was born there on 1 December 1862...He died on March 24th, 1943 in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, (at the age of 80) where he was living with his 2nd wife...He was buried in Barron, Wisconsin in the family burial plot at the Norwegian Lutheran Church Cemetery just outside of town. Your Mother Annie Johnson came to America from Grabbestad, Sweden...'Both Annie and Gabriel came to the United Sates Circa the 1880's.  the family farm was originally obtained as a part of the immigration procedures through Ellis Island...if the land was worked, and improved,  it became the property of the immigrant...Gabriel worked the farm most of his life before retiring in his 60's to live in Barron, Wisconsin...the farm was then transferred to his son Edward.

You grew up during the WWI years and during the "Roaring Twenties" on the family farm in the Yellow River....When you were age 17-18, you were one of the Roaring Twenties "Flappers".

I was born during the beginning of the "Great Depression" at a time when you were a young lady of 19. As my childhood progressed into high school, WWII was just beginning. The "Great Depression" was ended by the nationwide mobilization and huge government spending with defense industry jobs or military service for every able bodied man.

-Mother, God mercifully took you to heaven on October 21st 2007, after a weary and exhausting six year battle and struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. When you finally lost the battle and left us at 98 years, you had outlived three husbands.


Those early depression years were tough years for you. I never met my biological father (Royce Candler) who chose to desert his duties as husband and father before I was born. You went through the pains of my childbirth and my infant years alone.

My first stepfather (Percy Berg) - married August 1932) during my pre-school and grade school years was an alcoholic, a heavy smoker and a constant challenge to your ability to run a home. I remember the time when you had saved a little money which he found and quickly "blew" it in a single night of drinking. He returned home in the early morning hours, with no money and falling down drunk. This loss was a terrible blow to you. Because of his drinking and heavy smoking he suffered an early death (Dec 1942) due to cancer, leaving you alone to handle the farm. At the time of his death I had just finished grade school.

During my High School years you met Tom, (Tom Silbaugh) a kindly hard working man who finally gave you the good life you deserved. He provided you with a home on a lake near Cameron, Wisconsin where you spent many happy days and happy years... It was Tom in later years who introduced me to June Rolstad, the lady who became my wife of 56 years and the love and light of my life.

June also fell victim to Alzheimer's and passed on almost 1 year to the day from the day you left us.

In those early years of my life we were the poor family in the rural Rice Lake neighborhood in which we lived. Nevertheless; you were able to give me a normal childhood. You encouraged reading and it became my favorite pastime. You had a big garden and a few apple trees and you did a lot of home canning. Of course the old swimming hole and the old fishing hole did not cost money. Your objectives were to put food on the table and buy warm clothes for winter. Doctors were not affordable so you took care of sickness, aches and pains with your home remedies.

I still don’t know how you managed to buy me the two prized possessions of my early life. A Daisy "Red Ryder" air rifle for my 10th birthday and later a bike for my 12th birthday. Even though the bike was a used bike that you bought from Montgomery Wards in Rice Lake, it certainly gave me a lot of pleasure and made me feel on par with most of my friends.

It must have taken a lot of budget juggling from the income of a small 20 acre 5 cow dairy farm. Our neighbors all ran farms of 80-120 acres with 10-15 milk cows. You had no horses or machinery to work the fields. The neighbors did it for you in exchange for labor. Most months you did little more than break even.

I also recall the year in which the December income for the milk sold to the Rice Lake Creamery was only one dollar. ($1.00) Yet, to me, that Christmas was as nice as any other year. Singing the old Christmas Hymns was free and has provided a lifelong traditional joy and pleasure.

There was no electricity or refrigeration. Cooking and heating was done by wood stoves. Light was from a kerosene lamp. The outside unheated toilet was enough to make a Spartan sob on sub zero winter days.

Friends presented you with a farm dog as a gift and it soon became my dog. He was a combination Collie and Shepard and being an only child, he became my buddy. Dog food was not affordable but he got along just fine on scraps and left over's from the family meals. Some of my most pleasant times were roaming the woodlands with my dog and my trusty air rifle.

I remember that I named my dog "Kazan" that time there was a favorite AM (No FM in those days) radio program that I listened to every day called: "Sgt. Renfrew of the Royal Mounted Police and his faithful dog "Kazan"

When I look back at those times, I marvel at how much you accomplished with so little. I know that you made many sacrifices to give me a good life. You were the heart and strength of the family. You effectively shielded me from the hardships of the great depression and you did it alone. You did it all with out any complaint, with a cheerful disposition and a good sense of humor. You always set a good example.

I remember well the time when a friend asked you how you could always be so cheerful when things were so bad. Your answer was comical but true:

"Nobody Likes  a Sour Puss"

Mother, you taught me my first bedtime prayer. I was only about 4-5 years old at the time and we were temporarily living in a house that was then (1933) considered to be on East Main Street near the dam. Now that address is 1151 East LsSalle Avenue on the NE corner with 12th Street. It was then owned an occupied by Percy's mother Etta Berg. It was a beautiful two story grey stucco house with an open front porch and dormer style upstairs would put me to bed or a nap in a 2nd story bedroom and would recite this prayer: 

“Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray the Lord my Soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake…

I pray the Lord my Soul to Take.”

Although I did not know at the time, I now find out that this little prayer originated in the 18th Century and came from the famous “New England Primer.”

You believed in God, honesty, and moral values coupled with a strong work ethic. You saw to it that I had my confirmation instruction in a small Swedish Lutheran Church in Rice Lake. The only childhood memories that I can remember were those of happy days, happy years and happy times. You were my moral compass in those early years.


Whatever have been my life’s accomplishments, I owe much of it to you. My failures are my own....Stan



Your grandchildren also have happy memories of you. Let me recount a few:

Julie remembers - "I think of the funny faces you used to make - the fun times going fishing on your lake - how exciting it was when you came to visit on Christmas with the car trunk loaded with Christmas of gifts - as a kid it seemed like so much - the peanut cans full of fudge - the big tight hugs and kisses on the cheek - your sense of humor to the end."

Susan remembers - "One of my favorite memories of you would be when you lived in the house on the lake.  When I was very young, you would take me down the dirt road that you lived off of and we would look for turtles. When we found them, we would put them in a large coffee can and bring them back to the house. Later, it was fishing on the lake.  Still like to fish now when I get the chance."

David remembers - "my fondest memory was talking with you on a later in life birthday, speaking to you of all of the things you must have experienced during your lifetime.  From the flapper era, the great depression, and two big wars. You saw and experienced a lot. I don't think you ever forgot life's experiences. You lived through difficult times but had a good life too; evident in your smile and optimistic outlook."

David and Dan remembered - "your house on the lake. Lots of wild strawberries on the dirt road to the house...we would pick them and we would bring them to you. You would wash them, help us take the green tops off and we would eat them either with cream and sugar or on breakfast cereal."

Dan remembers - "You were inquisitive, had a positive attitude, great sense of humor,  and genuinely accepted and was happy with life no matter if you were married, living alone or in a nursing were always grateful for visits and never judgmental about length of time between visits."


Ellen Silbaugh 1994



Stan and the Grandchildren


Publication History - Barron News-Shield, Barron, Wisconsin

1. 2008 - Originally published The Barron News-Shield, Weekly Edition 7 May 2008 for Mother’s Day, Sunday May 11th, 2008.

2. 2009 - Republished in The Barron News-Shield, Weekly Edition for Mother's Day 2009.

3. 2010 - Republished Revised-updated with Grandchildren's memories for publication on Mother's Day 2010.

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The Holy Spirit Chapel of the Benedictine Health Care Center of Innsbruck, New Brighton, Minnesota has a number of stained glass windows on three sides...Arranged to have the center one third section of the largest of the set of stained glass windows dedicated to both my mother Ellen, and to my wife June and to the worlds victims of Alzheimer' addition my mother Ellen has her own smaller individual stained glass window...

Benedictine staine glass windows





Reader's Comments

Tara P. Lodzinski  - Kamloops, British Columbia - (14 December 2012): "Very nice tribute to a remarkable woman."

Susan Day  - Dayton, Ohio - (14 December 2012): "This is just beautifuly written, Stanton.  Your Mother had a beautiful smile and what an interesting life she lived.  I see where you get your strength."

Merideth Sindel  - Sydney, Australia - (14 December 2012): "That's a lovely tribute to your mother.  I have a similar piece for my mother somewhere.  It is a very important thing the remember those who lived through the times that were hell on earth and gave us everything."

Amy Stiel Almas  - Waterford, Michigan - (11 May 2013): "Beautiful."

Kathy Honeycutt  - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - (20 October 2013): "What a blessing to have a Mother who cared so much for you.."

Terry Shepherd  - Warsaw, Indiana - (20 October 2013): "You have had your share of loss with loved ones, and for this I am sorry, but Ellen was a beautiful lady."

Cindy Jones  - Lake Jackson, Texas - (20 October 2013): "What a precious tribute!"

Tracey Bressler Muldowney  - Pensacola, Florida - (20 October 2013):"A beautiful & well written tribute to honor your mother's life Mr. Berg. Thank you for sharing."

Jennifer Dabney  - Pomona, California - (20 October 2013): "It was so nice to read about your mother's life. She seemed like a strong woman, who cherished you so much, and had a good sense of humor, as demonstrated by her beautiful smile in her pictures...(13 December 2013): "Happy Heavenly birthday to your mother..."

Mary Lou Jones Hughes  - Port William, Ohio - (20 October 2013): "We lost our Precious Mother's the same month and year. Thank You for sharing about your Mother. "

Tonya Gunn O'Brien  - Clarkston, Georgia - (21 October 2013): "God Bless you Stanton, I know you miss her. My mother is suffering with Alzheimer's and its hard to watch how this disease destroys wonderful people."

Kari Miller  - Yakima, Washington -(21 October 2013): "Poem..."For a Loved One"

    "For a Loved One - Mother Ellen"

\When I think back through the years

One thing was always ttue

A few people would always be there for me

And one of them was you

Oh, beautiful soul

As the tears stream down my face

Because in my heart, there's a hole

Nothing will ever replace

I remember a time when I was hurt

You were the first one there

You scopped me up and comforted me

My pain, you seemed to share

So many things you gave me

I feel honored to have shared the earth

With someone who was so special

And who had so much worth

Your steady love for your family

Your patience with a child

Your faith in God above

And your last bright smile.


Jon Nichols  - Springfield, Virginia - (21 October 2013): "Your work is an inspiration to everyone.." 

Linda Brannan  - Glasgow, United Kingdom - (21 October 2013): "God bless your lovely mother."

Maura BuddyBear  - Dublin, Ireland - (21 October 2013):"Stanton this is a really Beautiful tribute to your mother Ellen, having two glass stained windows in honour of Ellen & all the victims of Alzheimhers is truly touching.

Julie Meldrum  - Wrexham, United Kingdom - (14 December 2013): "Wow what a wonderful woman and mother, god bless you."

John Stevens  - Twin Falls, Idaho - (8 May 2014): "Great tribute my friend."

Catherine Jones-Hatcher  - Richmond, Virginia - (9 May 2014): "What a life the "old timers" led! Ellen sounds like an inspiration to many.  The living conditions sound much like those my own grandma used to describe. I love the way you describe things... the cold out house, the dog and his plentiful scraps,,etc.( what was his name anyway?). Though the conditions were challenging in those days... it is clear that you were loved and you knew it. I celebrate Ellen WITH you this Mother's Day weekend! That is a lovely picture of her too!"  Stan's note: The dogs name was "Kazan". named after a then popular radio series of a Royal Mounted Police man and his faithful dog "Kazan".

Jill A. Lindsay  - Norfolk, Virginia - (9 May 2014): "In spite of the ravages of losing your mother to Alzheimer's disease, you were very fortunate to have had her well into your lifetime.  I was in my mid-forties when my own dear mother passed away."

Shibley Rahman  - London, United Kingdom - (9 May 2014): "Thanks for sharing Stanton."

Louise Ann Howard  - Batemans Bay, New  South Wales, Australia - (9 May 2014):  "Very lovely story of your mother. Also a little about your life as her son. Thanks."

Patrice Kohn  - McKinney, Texas - (20 October 2014): "Stan this tribute to your Mother brings me to tears. It is so beautifully written & I love the historical memories you share so well. She sounds like she must have been a very special Woman. God bless you & your memories."

Helen Russin  - Martins Ferry, Ohio - (20 April 2015): "Thank you Stan for sharing this tribute to your lovely mother. I loved reading about her. You are a true gentleman, I know you made your mother proud."

Patricia Speck  - Cardiff, United Kingdom  (11 May 2015): "This is a wonderful tribute Stanton, your mother would be so proud. The prayer you would say in the evening at bedtime., was one of the ones I used to say as well. The other one was.. 'Lord Keep us safe this night, secure from all our fears...,,,,May Angels guard us while we sleep, 'til morning light appears. Thanks for sharing this and thanks for bring back memories for me too. Obviously, you were a great son, and husband.... A wonderful family man. Long may you go on doing what you do for God, through your memories of your beloved June. Blessings dear friend."

Jenny Varney - Chesterfield, United Kingdom - (11 May 2015): "A lovely tribute. You look like your Mum."

Jackie Irving - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (14 December 2015): "The picture of your mum is lovely Stan...she is very beautiful just as she is in her picture from 1994 ...growing up watching her cope with such hardship yet coping so well !must have been an inspiration to you...people just got on with things those days and didn't expect any handouts ...I can see where you get your spirit and determination from Stan wonder your so proud ....I loved the poem dedicated to her also ....I just want to finish by saying a very heavenly happy birthday to your dear mum ...she would be a fantastic 107 yrs old today....take care and God bless."

Erika Fidler - Lancaster, United, Kingdom - (14 December 2015): "What a beautifully told story. Hollywood should make a film of your life. I didn't realize that the Great Depression was ended mainly because of WW 2. What do you think would have happened to the country if the war had not happened? I suppose it would have clawed its way out of it eventually - it would have just taken a lot longer?

Angela Tesla  - Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom - (14 December 2015): "That was lovely to read and her memorial too she was a very special and lovely mum to you, I love the old photo. My mum is still with me but has the later stages of mixed dementia now, she celebrated her 90th birthday last May. She was born 6th May 1925. Happy Birthday wishes on the way to heaven for your beautiful mum tomorrow,  God Bless you Stanton, take care." 

Patricia Speck  - Cardiff, United Kingdom - (14 December 2015): "What a lovely photograph of a very beautiful lady. Your mum must have been a very special person...she brought you up through extremely hard times, and taught you values that you have maintained to this day.". She left a wonderful legacy in you Stanton. God Bless you always .

Joyce Dunne - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (14 December 2015): "What I lovely story you could wright a book, she was a fantastic awesome mother, and Lady, and she was so beautiful,  that's where you get your strength from lovely memories for you Stanton."

Paula Valentino  - Palm Harbor, Florida - (7 May 2016): "Heartfelt tribute. You are the King of the most beautiful tributes."



 Note: The funeral notice as published in the local newspapers at the time of Ellen F. Silbaugh's passing along with one of the funeral service handouts can be viewed by clicking on the below link:

(Ellen F. (Nedland) Silbaugh)