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Angels - Are They Our Loved One's in Heaven



Angels in Heaven 

(Three Angels Playing Music)


After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield.. June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!”  It was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...was June who had angelic qualities, called home to be an Angel herself?...The Answer to that question is a clear and unequivocally No...she went to live with Jesus and instead she will be served by Angels.


There is a widespread belief among Christians that our loved one’s upon their death, become Angles in Heaven...some Christians believe that the deceased loved one’s actually become our Guardian Angels...these popular belief’s are commonly expressed at/in movies, funerals, and in obituaries...Both of these belief’s while commonly held, are totally false...the Bible is very clear in this respect...Not only is the Christian Bible clear in this respect but this is also the belief of the Jewish Religion and the Muslim Religions.

How did this erroneous belief come into being? Neither the Christian Bible nor the Christian Church Sunday sermons teach this error in understanding Angels? Surveys that have been conducted however, indicate that a little less then half of all Christians attend church regularly or even read the can only be assumed that this popular error originated in this group...

Jesus is clear in his message to Christian believer’s...and that message is that they will all go to be with him in Heaven as “God’s Children”.


“ In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 3. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”... John 14: 2-3 KJV


Angels are wonderful and somewhat mysterious creatures, created by God to serve His children and do His will. We are specifically commanded in the Scriptures not to worship angels...While humans possess a body of flesh and bone, angels are “spirits.” There are certainly many examples in the Scripture where angels have taken on human form, but they remain spirit-beings...they serve as 1. God’s Warriors, 2. Messengers, 3. Guardians and 4. Guides...they also act as 5. God’s servants.


“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”  Hebrew 1:14 (KJV)   This verse tells us that angels are servants sent to minister to those who will inherit salvation.


“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”...Psalms 91:11 KJV ...this verse relates to the Angels assigned as our guardian Angels...


Guardian Angels

(Guardian Angel)


Since angels are spirit-beings not possessing a body, they cannot experience a physical death...they are eternal...Human beings have physical bodies that grow old, wear out and die. That part of us which is spirit remains alive.

When the God of the universe came to live on the earth, he came to represent humans, not angels. When He died on the cross He did not die for the sins of angels, but only for the sins of human beings.

Jesus has told us that the angels would play a large role in the last days as they are sent out to gather God’s people from the four corners of the earth. (Matthew 24:31).

In addition, God’s angels will also gather together all those who have rejected God’s love so that they might stand before His justice (Matthew 13:41).

God’s angels are wonderful beings and they have important work to do in the plan of the Lord. But it is vitally important that we never confuse the function and ministry of angels with human beings who are God’s Saints or his “Children”.

Those who choose to believe their loved ones become angels after death, do so through ignorance...the Bible is clear and it can be said with absolute truth, that God has a much better and bigger plan for humans than merely becoming angels. He has invited us to become His beloved “children”, which He makes possible through His Son—Jesus Christ...not an option available to Angels.

While the favorite artists conceptions of Angels, always depicts them as female, the only named Holy Angels in the Bible all have male names... although the Bible often mentions a “host” of angels, it only names a few...”Gabriel” and “Michael”...Gabriel who appears as a messenger and Michael described as a Archangel. (Chief Angel)...

Trudy Harris, an RN in her book “Glimpses of Heaven” (2008) tells of her experiences as an end of life Hospice Nurse...(over 20 years) she noted a pattern by her patients in describing their end of life experiences...they often described what appeared to them to be an angel waiting to guide them to heaven...

When they spoke of angels, which many did, the angels were always described as more beautiful than they had ever imagined, eight feet tall, male, and wearing white for which there is no word. “Luminescent” is what each one said, like nothing they had ever seen before. The music they spoke of was far more exquisite than any symphony they had ever heard, and over and over again they mentioned colors that they said were too beautiful to describe.”’


When June was called to her heavenly home on 23 October 2008, she was not called there to serve as an Angel but rather to be served by Angels as a “Child of God”.


Gods Love(Jesus welcoming another Saint to Heaven)



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Mona Johnson Glesne  - Minneapolis, Minnesota - (8 July 2016): "This is a great article. I appreciated it very much."  

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John Stevens - Twin Falls, Idaho - (8 July 2016): "Could not agree with you more Stan. I told you what my father in law said when he passed on. (I see an Angel Coming"}"

Sherrie Penner Terning - Cokato, Minnesota - (9 July 2016): "I agree with you totally... It's good to read it and to know other people feel the same way. Thank you, Stan!"

Cindy Hightower - Trinity, North Carolina - (9 July 2016): "I believe in angles but don't think about it. I think people believe the way it brings them peace when their love one dies."

Susan Beckett - Widnes, United Kingdom - (9 July 2016): "Beautiful words Stanton."

Bertha Dusenberry - West Lafayette, Ohio - (5 January 2016): "I read June's page...Love it. Well said and made me feel so calm. Thank you Stan."




 June's Passing

 June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and into June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"