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June and Stan - and the Year was 1930



June ad Stan

(Photos of June and Stan in the year 1930)


These old photos are Looking back at June and Stan in the year 1930…since June was born in November 1927 and Stan was born in June of 1928, June was 7 months older then Stan…whenever Stan’s birthday rolled around it would seem as if they were both the same age for a time because of the practice of referring to age in years and not in months…

This photo is a framed combination picture of June and Stan as a side by side set of photo’s that show June and Stan both in the year 1930…the month of the year in which the individual pictures were taken is not known. However, this special combination photo was assembled and created by June in the years before Alzheimer’s took over her and our lives...

June in 1930

June's photo is a professional photo that her parents had made while they all lived on a dairy farm near Colfax, in Dunn County Wisconsin.

June’s parents were Henry and Haldis Rolstad. Strangely enough, they were married on Stan’s birthday (14 June) in the year 1924, just 4 years before Stan was born…

While June is often called the oldest and the first born in her family, she actually had a brother Richard that proceeded her in birth. Richard died the year before June was born…after living for only 6 months…infant mortality in those early days was very high and most all births took place in the family home…June was also born at home on the farm.

While June’s mother Haldis had immigrated to this country from Norway, her father Henry was a natural born citizen...both were full blooded Norwegians…

Stan in 1930

Stan’s photo is simply a snapshot made on a box camera by his mother Ellen at a time when they both lived in the little town of Barron, Wisconsin…Because Stan’s natural father (Royce Candler) had abandoned both Stan and his mother Ellen shortly after Stan was born, they were living in the Nedland Grandparent’s home on the south end of town. (Mother Ellen’s parents)

Stan would say that the picture of “June looks great as always”…while “Stan looks just like a "confused little kid" in a sailor outfit…”

Stan’s Grandma Annie, who looked like a Saturday Evening Post cover Grandma, died of flu complications in April of 1932, just two years after this picture was taken…Stan never really never got to know his grandmother…Stan recalls her funeral shortly before Stan was age 4…Stan remembers his mother Ellen holding him up by the side of the funeral casket during an in home viewing… “and I reached down and touched her face…I remember how cold and different it felt”…

Stan’s grandfather Gabriel was his early day’s buddy and they would often walk down the main street of the little town of Barron...both were “jabbering” to each other in Norwegian…now Stan does not recall a single word of Norwegian…

Stan’s grandmother Annie was an immigrant from Sweden and his grandfather Gabriel was an immigrant from Norway…most of the family’s life was spent on a family dairy farm north of Barron on the Yellow River…they also produced Tobacco.

June and Stan…a “Providential Appointment”

While there are many who would not agree with Stan, It is Stan’s feeling and belief that God was instrumental in arranging for June and Stan to meet and have a lifetime together. (A Providential appointment) June had just come out of a crushing personal relationship a short time before meeting Stan in May of 1951. Stan had experienced two (2) failed relationships during his military service during the Korean War days. Stan had also just received a “Dear John” letter in the months before meeting with June.

“I think God knew that in the future, June would spend a life time of dedicated work in her Lutheran Church. That June would become a prime target for Satan’s Alzheimer’s. God knew that Stan, then an agnostic, would need someone to straighten his life out. That Stan would always stand by June through her 12 years journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's. It was through June’s example and prayers, that Stan later became a strong Christian.

The 1930 photo suggests that June was a beauty from day one. In those early years if they could have looked into the future, neither of them would ever have imagined what a wonderful life they would later have together, nor the great adventure their life together would turn out to be...even weathering the cruel Alzheimer’s years, it would be a life of no regret…

The below photo is a fast forward to 1952 and 22 years later…another black and white photo as routine color photos had not yet become a standard. This is June and Stan in their wedding picture from their marriage on 16 August 1952…both then were 25 Years of Age…


 June and Stan's marriage 1952

(June and Stan's Marriage - 16 August 1952)


It was in the 1960's that Stan launched his career as a forensic consultant...June became Stan's administrative assistant in their new life which would  quickly became a life of the forensic business rapidly prospered, it required travel through out the United States, Canada and Europe...Stan was also fortunate to be a part of a number of high profile cases including the Robert Kennedy Assassination 1975), the SLA assassination of the Oakland School Supt. Marcus Foster (1975), the Chicago Riots following the Martin Luther King assassination (1968), and the Chicago Police and Black Panther shootout (1977).

June traveled with Stan about 170 times to forensic science conferences that criss-crossed the US, Canada and Europe...Stan was also fortunate in being selected as the chairman of 4 such international conferences in the forensic sciences...Edinburgh (1972),  Zurich (1975),  Bergen (1981), and Dusseldorf (1993)...June and Stan's life was truly a life of adventure as they walked through this world together...June and Stan danced the night away in Moscow in was in Rome in 1973 that June shook hands with Pope Paul VI...June's favorite city became London and by the year 1999, June had visited the city 9 was in the year 2004 and at the age of 77, that Stan closed down his forensic business in order to devote full time to June's care...

Before June's Alzheimer's diagnosis, their world and June's character and personality was represented by a vast sea of bright and beautiful lights. After June's Alzheimer's diagnosis, these bright lights all begin to slowly dim. As June slowly slipped deeper into the shadows of Alzheimer's, the lights gradually flickered out one by one. Eventually the time came during the last two years of her life, when the brightness that marked their world and June’s life was replaced by one of darkness...for the last year of June's life she was almost totally non-responsive and could not walk or talk or use her hands and arms...June had difficulty eating...

June's hand gently cupped over Stan's hand and her soft voice telling him:  "I love you Stan" were then just memories.

June passed away from the ravages of Alzheimer’s on October 23rd, 2008 after a 12 year journey into the shadows of that terrible disease…June and Stan had just completed their 56th wedding anniversary…and a life with no regrets…In following their forensic life work, they did literally walk through this world together...

The marriage vows all say “until death due us part” and while the world’s legal systems all say their marriage ended with June’s death…Stan says that his Christian faith has promised that both June and Stan as believers in Jesus Christ, they shall never die…and their marriage lives on.

Stan carries on in their separate worlds until someday they will be reunited…not as husband and wife in heaven but as a family circle in Heaven…It is now August 2017 and it is the 65rd anniversary of their marriage…

My love for June goes on and will go on until the sands of time stop their endless trickle…happy 65rd anniversary sweet heart…

 Stan Berg ... 16 August 2015



Reader’s Comments

Lisa Cope  - Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom – (4 A16 August 2015ugust 2015): “Fantastic photos and post. What cute kids you both were. What I really like is how you can absolutely tell it's June in the photo. Nice to learn of your background, too.”

Amy Stiel Almas  - Waterford, Michigan - (4 August 2015): "Love it, Stan!"

Bridie Breen- Manchester, United Kingdom – (4 August 2015): “So great having photos from when you were both little. I have so few but now that grand children have come along, it's quite nice to see the reaction when you say 'that's when I was little.”

Rose Elley  - Seattle, Washington – (4 August 2015): “I find you both adorable - and undoubtedly very much loved.”

Louise Scanlon  - Ebbw Vale, United Kingdom – (4 August 2015): “AW bless Stanton they are totally adorable,”

Lin Schmidt  - Anoka, Minnesota – (4 August 2015): “You were an adorable little boy, Stan, and so was June adorable!”

Julie Hayden  - Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom - (4 August 2015):  "Wonderful."

Fallon Flowers  -Daleville, Alabama – (4 August 2015): “Your memories are so pleasant to read! Take care.”

Heather Jane Black  - Manly, New South Wales, Australia – (4 August 2015): “Lovely photos and beautiful story. God bless you, Stan…”

Janet Ashenden  - Derby, United Kingdom – (4 August 2015): “What lovely pictures! I love the clothes.”

Louise Ann Howard  - Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia – (4 August 2015): “I could not imagine you at three. But love the photos. Your little mind must have been thinking what can I get up to adventure for me. Thanks Stan.”

Kelley N Jim VanWagner - Grants Pass, Oregon - (4 August 2015)": "Beautiful."

Beth Ann Doucette  - Lino Lakes, Minnesota – (4 August 2015): “Absolutely adorable, both of you.”

G'Anna Dent - Amarillo, Texas - (4 August 2015): "Both of you were adorable!"

David James Laudig Jr.  –Torrance ,California – (5 August 2015): “Thanks for sharing your story Stanton, and a very nice picture”.

Catherine Craig  - Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom – (5 August 2015): ”Thanks for sharing. What beautiful eyes June has.”

Dianne Cogar  - Springfield, Ohio – (5 August 2015): “I love nostalgic photos! I only have a rare few that represent my childhood days, and the rest of my family as well. I think this is why I am always drawn to these sort of pictures at antique malls and such…

Carol Streufert  - Glencoe, Minnesota – (5 August 2015): “I love how you "love" your wife, Stan!!!”

Jackie Irving  - Liverpool, United Kingdom – (5 August 2015): “I just loved reading this Stan...the way you describe things in detail makes me picture them in my you and your grandfather walking down the street talking to each other in Norwegian and growing up on your’s such a brilliant read Stan...I love it ...take care and God bless…I loved you're and June’s pictures also...two cuties.”

Vea Flood - Spring Hill, Florida - (5 August 2015): "Another great story Stanton so enjoy reading them and thank you for sharing...both of you were two cuties!!"

Catherine Jones-Hatcher - Richmond Virginia - (15 August 2015):"In honor of the wonderful life that you shared with June, I want to recognize what appears to be one of the strongest and most enduring love stories and partnerships I have ever come across. I hope you can find JOY in the many many beautiful memories you have in your heart tomorrow as you celebrate the life you shared with June! heart emoticon Happy Anniversary ( tomorrow) You two seemed to have mastered "The Art of Marriage"!

Lamkoutar Afaf - Rabat, Morocco - (16 August 2015): "Happy anniversary beautiful souls. You teach me how to be a better person everyday by reading everything you share. And you made me learn how we can love unconditionally our life partner. My partner is just thankful to be able to know your lifetime story with June as well. May god bless you. Lot of love for you. Stanton and June forever."




June's Passing

June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and into June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label -or just Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"