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I Found an Orchid While Searching for a Rose



Wedding Photo

(June and Stan's Marriage picture)


"I found an Orchid while searching for a Rose"

(Stan Berg's Revision of the Carl Smith' 1950 Lyrics)


I found an Orchid while searching for a Rose.

 The Orchid that I found dear June was you.

 The Orchid is a flower that blooms so tenderly.

And thrills the fairest ladies of the land.

While the rose is a flower of love and romance.

 When placed beside the Orchid.

The Rose could not compare.


 I found an Orchid while searching for a rose.

The Orchid that I found  dear June was you.

The Roses I had been searching for.

All proved  to be untrue.

The Orchid that I found dear June was you.

While the roses have all lost their color.

my orchid June remained the same.


I found an Orchid while searching for a rose'

The Orchid that I found dear June was you.

June is now in Heaven as we face the future years.

But someday heaven’s wonders will all erase my tears.

I found an Orchid while searching for a Rose.

That Orchid dear June was you.


Pink Orchid


In 1950, country western star and song writer Carl Smith wrote his hit song "I Overlooked an Orchid while Searching for a Rose" as a single. It was later introduced again in 1974 by Mickey Gilley in an quickly went to the top of the charts...when ever Stan heard the song played and sang in later or recent years, Stan would always remark that in his case, Stan had done just the reverse, Stan had found an Orchid while searching for a rose.

It seemed appropriate for Stan to rewrite Carl Smith's song to reflect Stan's and June's life...and that in their case, Stan really did "Find an Orchid while Searching for a Rose".... The above song lyrics are Stan's rewrite and revisions of Carl Smith's "I overlooked an Orchid While Searching for a Rose."


June and Stan met in the small town of Barron, Wisconsin in the spring of 1951 while Stan was home on leave from the U.S. Army during the Korean War days...It was Stan's father Tom who made the introductions to June in a small Cafe, Gullicksons's Cafe, during the Memorial Day weekend in May 1951...The day and date was Tuesday the 22nd of May in 1951.


This timing was almost immediately after Carl Smith had written and introduced his hit song...Stan previously had two unsuccessful personal romances and had just received his second "Dear John" letter a few months before meeting June.

The roses that had proved to be untrue as in the song were his previous  two (2) girl friends Shirley and Lucy...Stan had his fill of "Roses"...Stan needed a change... June proved to be the change and a special "Orchid" in Stan's life.

They were later married in August 1952 after Stan's discharge from the Army. Their later marriage years could only be described as "extraordinary" and truly a gift from God...Stan has often said it was like winning the "Lottery of Life"...but it was God who gave them the winning tickets.


June and Stan 1951


The  picture above is one of the fun times at the Rolstad Farm near Poskin, Wisconsin...June and Stan are swinging under one of the Apple Trees in the big yard of the Rolstad Farm.

On that special Memorial Day weekend in May 1951 when June and Stan first met, some very enjoyable and fun  hours were spent at June’s father’s farm near Poskin, Wisconsin.

Stan was first introduced to June on May 22nd and on the very next day they had their first date...May 23rd...they continued to see and meet each other on every one of Stan's remaining days of his 15 day leave.

This Memorial week in 1951 became the most important week in the history of the Berg resulted in June and Stan's marriage in 1952, a marriage that established the Berg family and a marriage that lasted 56 years until Alzheimer's took June away.

June and Stan spent many fun hours during that first Memorial Day weekend in 1951 on the Rolstad farm.

Stan recalls that at the time, one of June’s sisters was being an annoyance by following June and Stan around snapping pictures of them with an old box camera…every thing photographically in those days was black and white.

Today these same pictures by June’s sister are both cherished and are a joyful journey down memory lane…those years were a different time, a different place and a different society.

While this world of today is one packed with the many conveniences we now sort of take for granted…in looking back to the 1950's, what was lacking in money and conveniences  was more then made up for by a much kinder and gentler world.


June and Stan 1951

(June and Stan Memorial Day weekend 1951)


In the picture above taken by June's sister, June and Stan are taking time for a kiss...the apple trees are in the background and clothes line posts can be seen on the right.


Carl Smith

Carl Smith after a long and successful career as a song writer and singer of "Classic Country Western" music, died in January of 2010, just 2 months before his 83rd birthday.

Carl Smith known as "Mr. Country" was also a Christian as is reflected in the several Christian songs he created as singles during his career, plus an album "Softly and Tenderly".

Carl Smith was an early member of the Grand Ole Opry and later elected to the Country Western Hall of Fame.



June Rolstad...father's farm in Poskin

(June having fun on a child's trike...father's farm - Poskin - 1951) 



67th Anniversary of the Day June and I First met...(2018)

June, today is the 67th anniversary of the day that you and I first met in the little town of Barron, Wisconsin...That day on May 22nd in the year 1951.The day was a Tuesday and it was my first day of a 2 week leave from the Army...I had just completed my 3rd year of what would be 4 years of were certainly one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Today as I was listening to an old “Lawrence Welk” show...the show you and I listened to many many times in happier was one of the old songs that was first introduced near the end of WWII...just as you and I were finishing high school and preparing to go out into the world on our own.

That song I now dedicate to you...”Til the End of Time”...remember the many times I told you that I would love you until the “Sands of Time Ceased their Endless Trickle”...this song fits that thought so perfectly. Here are the words to the song:


Till the End of Time


Till the end of time

Long as stars are in the blue

Long as there's a spring, a bird to sing

I'll go on loving you

Till the end of time

Long as roses bloom in May

My love for you will grow deeper

With every passing day


Till the wells run dry

And each mountain disappears

I'll be there for you, to care for you

Through laughter and through tears


So take my heart in sweet surrender

And tenderly say that I'm

The one you love and live for

Till the end of time


I hope that your are still waiting for me until the end of my time on earth...I will be 90 next month so it will not be long...then we can once again walk hand in hand until the end of for now, I’ll love you...until the end of time...Stan - May 2018


Stan's Note: (January 2019) This page on June's website was first created in March 2015...since that time, approximately 7,800 Persons have visited this page.




Reader’s Comments

Keith Reeves  - Azle, Texas – (18 March 2015): “What an awesome tribute to your loving wife June! I know she is smiling Stan. You two are so fortunate to have had each others love for all the years together! You are a very ... Stan and I respect you greatly...This is truly admirable and amazing! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with us Stan!!

Vea Flood  - Spring Hill, Florida – (18 March 2015): “Stanton that’s just lovely.”

Bessie Peery  - Nashville, Tennessee – (18 March 2015): “what a great song for a tribute to your wife Stan, so thoughtful of you, enjoyed, thanks so much.”

Helen Russin  - Martins Ferry, Ohio – (18 March 2015): “Thank you Stan for sharing this great song and your beautiful version of it. It always touches my heart when I read about the true love of you and your lovely June...I see the definition of true love in all your writings about June. Thank you for sharing with us Stan!

Lora Rushing Robinson  - Benton, Louisiana – (18 March 2015): “I think it is beautiful.”

Marie Crilly  - Dublin, Ireland – (19 March 2015): “Beautiful Awesome thanks for sharing Stan…god bless you.”

Louise Ann Howard  - Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia – (19 March 2015): “Wow Stan, you make our days…love your June even more. Thanks mate.”

Lu Ann Stephan - Gurnee, Illinois - (20 March 2015): "Beautiful! June is looking down from above and is smiling on you! The love you two shared continues on in every beat of your heart."

Betsy E. Wurzel - Iselin, New Jersey - (20 March 2015):"You are a romantic soul!"

Sherrie Williams - Abilene, Texas - (20 March 2015): "That's very amazing that's an awesome love story. May God bless you and know your June is looking down on you."

Vicki Reeves - Azle, Texas - (30 March 2015): "Thank you Stan for sharing your June with us  I know she is looking down from Heaven right now smiling at you and listening to all the great songs in Honky Tonk Heaven!!"

Debbie Reid - North Bergen, New Jersey(23 May 2015): "Beautiful story. Stanton and June truly in love. Wonderful way to express your love for each other. Great memories. June is smiling down at you from heaven above. Stanton I just want to thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings on the group. God bless you."

Catherine Craig - Lostwithiel, United Kingdom - (24 May 2015): "Read this a few times now...Stanton never disappoints... beautiful."

Jackie Irving - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (24 May 2015):"It never ceases to amaze me that these comments are popping up every few minutes from the other side of the world from me...Liverpool England...I used to have to wait two weeks for a letter from a pen pal how times change ....sorry for changing the subject a little...but I love reading Stanton's and all your comments...Your love together was and is far deeper than romance...I would say often does anybody find a love as deep as yours and Junes..."

Tina-Eileen Jones - London, United Kingdom - (24 May 2015): "This is a beautiful picture - it might be a cliché (sorry) but pictures do speak a thousand words, you speak of simpler times and this picture depicts it perfectly, you may not have been able to get everything you wanted - but you had everything you needed and it looks too me like you cherished it then as you do now...I'm just saying how I see it - thank you for sharing such a wonderful and personal picture."

Kerry Hunt - Chester, Cheshire, Unied Kingdom - (24 May 2015): "Thank you for sharing...this is the stuff movies are made from." 

Shirley Duke  - Glasgow, Kentucky - (24 May 2015): "I love reading your love story, what a lovely novel or movie it would make..."

Cathy Neet - Spokane Valley, Washington - (24 May 2015): "Thank you for helping us remember what Memorial Day is all about...LOVE."

Tina Hill - Research, Victoria, Ausralia - (24 Mary 2015):"Just like the Notebook...only REAL!"

Louise Scanlon  - Ebbw Vale, United Kingdom - (25 May 2015): "Beautiful photograph of you and June Stanton, wish things could be like that now, now everything seems fast and people seemed to have changed too, me and my sis always say we should have been born earlier since we both have a problem relating to others these days... Things were a lot simpler then, than now and people too."

Linda Blanchard - Torquay, United Kingdom - (25 May 2015):"Thank you what a lovely story line together with the photographs."

Chantal Gould - United Kingdom - (25 May 2015): "So beautiful  an expression of your love for June. like you, David and I love the Orchid flowers. We have ten different time on the go at present in our house. I hope that we will reach 56 years of marriage like you & June. We will be celebrating our 30th this year in August."

Bonnie Seip - Ottsville, Pennsylvania - (25 May 2015): "Happy Memorial Day , Mr Berg ... What a WONDERFUL PART OF A BEAUTIFUL LIFE WITH JUNE."

Elise Goldstein Widerker - Brooklyn, New York - (25 May 2015): "Wow, be still my heart, Romeo! heart emotions the sweet memories."

Kathy Williams  - Huntsville, Texas - (25 May 2015): "Such a beautiful view into another time...Thank you Stan for sharing your life with us and all the awareness you bring to Alzheimer's"

Diahann Forstbauer - Catskill, New York - (25 May 2015):  "Beautiful...Sorry Stan for tagging people in your post. Your stuff is amazing and touches my heart. Me and Laura Nicholos  lost our mom to Alzheimer and I want her to read your stuff. There is so much true love."

Marion Reinartz  - Cologne, Germany - (25 May 2015): "Memories are wonderful ... we all live with them ... in 1951 I was born ... hard times in Germany after the war ... my parents just were 21 years old. Memories ... thanks for sharing Stanton ... all the best and lots of love to you ... thinking of you and June ..."

Ellen Eber - East Syracuse, New York - (25 May 2015): "Thank you for sharing your lovely story and your link. It is truly heartwarming and so beautiful! Congratulations to you for all those beautiful years you had with June! I appreciate your beautiful photos. It brings me back, also, to the man who held my heart so many years ago. So blessed to find someone who makes your heart so happy. Your posts are beautiful!."

Anita Fabia  - Morocco - (25 May 2015): “It has been a long long time that I amLady from Morroco reading how much you do love Miss June, after she passed away. How she got your heart and your life after all these years...All what you do share with the world through social media is just lines to read and re-read and be delighted that such hearts do exist. Such love for Miss June.

Thanks to all what you share, you made me love Miss June too , the queen of your heart and the partner of your life. Be happy Miss June , You lived life to the fullest for having such a Man by your side...

This is each human being's wish, someone like you mister Stan..Age never matters, love does...With admiration, from Morocco.”

Jackie Irving  - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (23 May 2016): "I can't believe its 65 yrs to the day you met June ...I bet it feels like a lifetime ago and yet just yesterday ...I love the way your talking to June herself ...its so beautiful Stan ....but I feel sad hear you say you will be together again soon with June ...only because I can't imagine you not being around...but I know this is what you want see and be with your beloved June again .....the song is beautiful too ...happy anniversary to you both Stan ...I know all your thoughts are with June today indeed they are always ...God bless to you ."



June's Passing

June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and into June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"