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Political Correctness - June and Her Beliefs

Charlton Heston
(“Political Correctness is Tyranny with manners.”)
Charlton Heston
(Charlton Heston died 2008 - another victim of Alzheimer’s)
This is the same year that June died of Alzheimer’s.
"I Demand My   Rights"
“I Demand My Rights” now an every day divisive cry of many...This demand, statement or one like it, seems to be the thought of the day for many Americans...yet almost half of the nation (46%) demanding their rights, pay no Federal Income is "gimme", "gimme", "Gimme", but I am not giving back...
It is a form of Political Correctness run amuck...everyone is busy demanding their rights...Christianity is under attack daily....some who call me friend, are busy posting declarations of their support for every cause or claimed right known to man...political correctness statements abound...many are not Christian beliefs nor are they my beliefs!...selfishness reigns supreme!...yet, according to PEW research, about 70 percent of Americans claim to be Christians...these are Christians who are not acting like Christians!
Almost half of the people (46%) in the US currently pay no federal income taxes...half of the American people are employed by some layer of government...thus they are producing no product...the upper 1 percent of income persons pay 37% of the Federal income taxes...yet the political correctness group say this 1% are not paying their share (Federal Revenue figures for the yer 2010) The upper 10% pays 71% of the Federal Taxes on income...while almost half of the US population pays no income taxes, some of us have paid such taxes all of our life...
I started paying income taxes when I was age 20 and a soldier in the Army during the Korean War monthly income was $100 and I paid $10 in lifetime income since those early days would be classified as middle class income...I am now at the age of 91 (2020) and after paying income taxes for 71 years, I am still paying such taxes.
It took our country 205 years to reach 1 trillion dollars of national debt in 1981...(31 percent of our gross domestic product) it was another 27 years to reach the 10 trillion dollar mark in national debt in 2008...(68% of our gross domestic product.) For the first time in our history, our national debt has dramatically almost doubled during the past eight (8) years. (2008-2016) is estimated to be over 18.8 trillion dollars at the end of November 2016...this represents 105% of our Gross Domestic Product(...this also suggests that we are in fact bankrupt....(Obama administration economics)
Violent crime is the standard news of the are the latest of the many protests...and the many more political correctness statements...
The Bible has a very clear message for all Christians and that message is:
"Do Not Be Conformed to This World"...(Romans 12:2)
The Great Depression Years
Great Depression
What has happened to this country...I remember as a small child during the great depression days (1930’s) when one Christmas we had only 1 dollar as our total income for the entire month...there were no food stamps in those days, no government hand outs and or programs to help the welfare...everyone was on their own...yet to me it was always a good Christmas. We had no electricity, plumbing or refrigeration, light was from a kerosene lamp, heat was from a wood stove and the toilet was outdoors. My mother handled our health problems with her home remedies...the first time that I saw a doctor was at the time of my physical exam when entering the Army during the Korean War days at age 20...June and I were both poor farm kids in those days and years...(1930’s)
Yet, those days were among the happiest of my life...the "old swimming hole" was free as was the favorite fishing spot on a nearby river...I roamed the woods and fields with my trusty collie dog as my companion. The local school had a big Christmas Party every year and everyone received a big bag of hard candy, nuts and apples. My mother had a big garden and she canned foods for the winter.
As little as we had, I remember my mother always provided a plate of food for vagrant beggar’s who would come to our door...she never turned anyone away who was hungry...vagrants would ride the rails from town to town looking for a better life. I remember one time watching with curiosity, a vagrant man sitting on our back porch with his plate of food...
Most of my neighbors had a cheap single shot rifle behind the front door for hunting provided needed one locked their homes at night nor when away visiting friends...poverty was not an excuse for one was out shooting up the schools...
Government Poverty Guidelines
Poverty Guidelines
Current U.S. Government guidelines (2015) defines poverty in a family of four as $24,250 and that about 15% of the population are at or below these poverty guidelines...
Poverty levels receive medical and other assistance programs including food stamps...this is far above the great depression definition of poverty at $1,500 with no federal assistance programs of any kind...nor does it even begin to compare to what poverty is currently in the Asian and African countries...
It is interesting that the U.S. Government (U.S. Census Bureau) determined what the typical Amenities were as enjoyed by a by a family living in poverty...this is poor family of four..The Amenities of this family of 4 were:
Air conditioning, personal computer, cable or satellite TV, three color televisions, DVD player, VCR, video game system, refrigerator, stove and oven, microwave, coffee maker, cell phone, cordless phone and clothes washer. (And this is called poverty...they have more then I have!)
The above survey by the Government (U.S Census Bureau) and their listing of typical Amenities contains many items that I do not have...I do not live in poverty and I pay income taxes every year and have since age 20...I am now age 91 (2020).
Current Times - Violence - Protests - Political Correctness
Now we live in violent times where everyone is demanding their rights and yet they all live at a standard of living far better then we ever had back in the day...and with many, many more luxuries that we never ever enjoyed...luxuries that are now simply taken for granted...all our society does is demand more and more and protests are daily routines...the protesters do not seem to understand that they are in fact probably the worst of the bigots!
What makes me really annoyed is when my friends post and flaunt signs and posters on their Facebook page news feeds declaring how wonderful they are because they are supporting rights, some of which were once crimes...the suggestion is that I and others need to get with it and stop acting like a silly Christian supporting their out dated beliefs and religion...many who claim to be Christians, apparently are what I would call "cafeteria Christians"...they pick and chose what parts of their Christian religion they will honor and which parts they will reject...God does not run a democracy...
For me, politics is a loud voice all around me but as my everyday priority, it ranks very low...yes, I have my politics and so did June...we were/are both conservative but I never once heard her discuss her politics...for her, living a good life for God and helping others was her first priority...her political statement was setting a good example...June is now gone...another one of the many victim’s of Alzheimer’s.
Since June went to Heaven, my first priorities currently are honoring June’s and my Christian faith, honoring June and her memory and doing something about ending Alzheimer's...
My politics have a very distant ranking on my list of daily priorities...
The Bible says that what God hates the most, is pride and selfishness and those who create discord among his brethren...yet for many this is their daily life...
(JUNE K. BERG - 1993)
June would view this world with sadness...Why can we not simply live in quiet peace and harmony with our friends and neighbors? not attack the beliefs of our friends and neighbors but instead set a good Christian example. Live an honest life, work hard, while still very much enjoying our life. Most have never had it so good and enjoy a life much better then previous generations....give generously to charity, help others and stop complaining...leave your politics outside the door...but be proud of your Christian heritage and beliefs...the Bible tells Christians to be a light to the world
The only President I recall June openly admiring was Ronald Reagan...her admiration had little to do with his political party but everything to do with him as a person...
June and President Reagan were much alike...both always sported a big smile and a friendly nature...both were strong Christians and both spoke to God every day...Reagan's daughter once said that she never heard her father ever speak in a derogatory manner about any member of the opposing party. I cannot ever recall June maligning anyone. Both June and President Reagan died of Alzheimer’s..
When President Reagan died in June of 2004, June was in her 7th year of Alzheimer’ spite of the fact that she was in the middle (dementia) stages of this terrible disease, she watched his funeral on TV and saved the newspaper story!
June used to tell the children: “Be Happy With What You Have”...great wisdom...if possible, strike a blow at Alzheimer's every day by trying to do something about this most terrible of an always terminal disease...a disease now approaching epidemic proportions...(500,000 yearly)
For those who .are in trouble or lonely, "Having a little talk with Jesus"  always helps...I find it very helpful and do it well as praying for others who need his Love, Care, Peace and Comfort.
Note: While it is my intentions to keep my and June’s Facebook pages as well as her Website free from politics so that all can feel comfortable on those sites, it is not my intention to hide my politics nor my Christian Religion...when I see a friends political postings that are compatible with my own beliefs, I always leave a note of support...what a blessing it is for me to have political beliefs that are compatible with my Christian beliefs...Political beliefs that are incompatible with my Christian beliefs are not my beliefs...
"If You really want to know what someone is truly  like. Look at their Friends!"
Reader's Comments

Gary Irvin, Gillespie, Illinois – (24 February 2016): “Yup, you're right. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Political Correctness will be the death of our great nation.

Ruth Hart Moulton – Turkey, North Carolina – (24 February 2016): “Truth is not debatable...and all you have said is truth. I could not find one thing to debate. It is all an 'unfortunate truth'. I truly enjoyed the account of your childhood...if only some things had remained the same...”

Louise Ann Howard – Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia – (24 February 2016): “Every country has it’s issues Stanton. Yeah for me loved your post as always. I try not to get on the politics subject as yes I may say something I should not. Innocently of course. But loved the thoughts of simple things like the water hole. I have memories that just put a big smile on my face other times I just cannot do anything but shake my head. Your mate Louise...Your welcome as always. Look forward to your posts actually. Great friend”

Linda Shiflett Aldridge – Palmyra, Virginia – (24 February 2016): “I would not un-friend you for speaking such truth. I remember the swimming hole, Christmas with a bag of candy, orange and apple. I remember not having to lock our doors, I remember sitting on my grandparents porch and we knew who was coming down the road by the sound of the vehicle. I loved those days. They are days that I wish my kids and grandkids could experience. We worked hard and had less. Nothing mattered. You went to visit people and talk about your kids, grandkids. You helped family raise a barn or home repairs. Now days you have to pay family for helping you out. I am standing with you sharing the truth. How did this happen?...Yes Stan. They are very happy memories I have from my childhood. I was an outdoor child. I would go barefoot in the yard, make a tent on the clothes line. I played outside from the time I got up until after dark. We didn't have air conditioning in our 2 story house and the upstairs we had a fan in the front window and I so remember the breeze at night, sleeping with the windows open and the smell of summertime. I remember getting the bales of hay up with my grandfather, working in the garden digging potatos. I loved every minute of it and wish i could go back in time for a day. We felt safe. There was no violence...My dad had dementia and i would sit with him and talk about his childhood. He loved to talk about it and it was like he went back in time. I so miss him.”

Jane Moore – Camelford, United Kingdom – (25 February 2016): “I think that everyone who enters the third age thinks the same Stan - some of the things that are going on around the world are shockers - nothing like the life we had as children and they call it progress!!.”

Marsha McKneely Ault – Nacogdoches, Texas – (25 February 2016): “This morning in my personal journal I vented big time...similar to your post above. It felt good to let it all out. I am so disappointed in our political candidates...but more disappointed in our American people to stand with candidates who are dishonest and who are bullies and who seem to have no morals. Anyway, I agree with your post today 100%. I too hunger for those days when life was much simpler and when we did not have to lock our doors and when we checked on our neighbors and took time to worship the Lord.”

Lynn Christ Gudmanson - Osseo, Wisconsin - (28 February 2016): "We have raised a generation of spoiled brats that stomp their feet and have a temper tantrum until they get what they want and label it as politically correct when in fact it is nothing more than everyone around them getting sick of the whining...I agree with your and Junes view and am happy to see others say it...Ronald Reagan is the one president that I very much admired too...So did my Father...Choked me up when he died...and, as your June, it had little to do with his politics and everything to do with the kind of person he was..."

Richard Criscione - Cliffside Park, New Jersey - (28 February 2016): "I could not have said it better Stan. Even more troubling, is, it is likely to get even worse as time goes by. My mom used to say those same words; " be happy with what you have". And I am ,because I believed what she said...I think anyone 60 years old or more ,are just speechless ,observing what this country has evolved into"...(29 February 2016): 'You did a very nice job with this Stan and , the fact that responses are coming in worldwide, are precisely what I think you intended to accomplish. June, as well as myself, are very proud to have you as a leader,to try to reset the moral compass of the world, that has gone askew in the past 20 or so years...

Kathy Williams - Riverside, Texas - (28 February 2016): "As always thanks for sharing and putting into words what many are afraid to say!"

Sherrie Penner Terning - Cockato, Minnesota - (28 February 2016): "I stand with you, Stan, on every point. You are excellent in getting the point across. I met Charlton Heston in Indiana when my son,Travis, and I went to the Nationals for trap shooting." 

John Stevens - Twin Falls, Idaho - (28 February 2016): "Very well said Stan. Should be required reading for the young set."

Deborah Gusman - Melbourne, Australia - (29 February 2016): "Although not from your part of the world, I guess politics can be quite a topic, my Dad used to say never bring up politics or religion in a conversation (he is a non believer) however we were christened as children and attended Sunday school and then church later on (as our Mum was a believer). I still have a strong faith and have passed that onto my own children - Although Dad doesn't believe he never stopped Mum or put her down for her beliefs, he was a kind man who believed in self expression. He even disliked politics and would often cast a donkey vote (here in Australia you have to vote at elections, be it Federal, State or Council run elections) rather a silly thing to force people to do as you can imagine people voting just so as not to be fined! I agree, it seems to be very much a ''me' generation with the simple joys in life being pushed aside for ''things''. I feel very blessed that I was able to have a happy childhood, exploring and using my imagination to have fun. You have a brilliant way with words Stanton and hope you can continue to write for a long time to come, especially your work with Alzheimer's, Keep it up, the world needs more people like you."



June's Passing

June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and into June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"