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Ungodly Spirits of the "Unseen World"



Ungodly Spirits

(An Ungodly Spirit of the Unseen World)


Our family (Berg-Rolstad) has been involved in a series of incidents that could be said to be related to the spirits of the “Unseen World” but not of God.

I have had a number of conversations with Pastor Dave Glesne, the Senior Pastor of our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fridley in regard to the “Unseen World” and spirit activities that relate to that world. You will see that the unseen world can be divided into two realms. One is the world of “God and his Angels” while the second unseen world is that of the realm of the “Devil or Satan” and his world of followers and non-believers. That is the subject of this discussion.

Another essay on this website already covers the Unseen World of God and can be seen under the label of “June’s Life” and titled:

June’s Faith, Crossing Over, God’s Unseen World.”

I sought Pastor Glesne’s advice and opinion following two sets of incidents (Unseen world spirits) that involved the Rolstad/Berg family in regard to properties of house or home inhabited currently or at one time by a member of the Rolstad/Berg family. Pastor Glesne’s comments followed his reading of the below events. His first comment followed the discovery of unusual activities on the Rolstad old home farm east of Cameron, WI. The second comment followed my recording of the activities at our daughter Julie’s home in Columbia Heights. I also asked the opinion of Redeemer former Pastor Sean Kelly who is Pastor at Penasquitos Lutheran Church in San Diego and formerly Associate Pastor at Redeemer Lutheran in Fridley. Both Pastors are well acquainted with June and her family. His comments are recorded below those of Pastor Glesne. (The published comments of both are with their permission!)


Dr. David Glesne, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran Church:(January 2010)


Pastor David Glesne


"I truly believe in the unseen world and believe it is just as real as the seen world.

I also believe there are spirits in the unseen world that are in contact with this seen world. I do not believe, however, that the spirit of a Christian roams around in that unseen world.

The soul of a believer goes to be with Jesus. But there are counterfeit spirits that want to deceive. So the strange happenings can indeed be real. “

The Christian view of reality holds to the reality of both a seen and unseen world. We live in the seen portion of reality which we are able to see, touch, taste, sound, smell and feel. But there is an unseen portion that is just as real. We simply are normally unable to connect with it with our five senses. We believe that this is the realm of God and His angels and the devil and his demons. But sometimes the curtain may be slightly opened for us to see dimly into that unseen world and what is happening there. It would be unwise either to deny the reality of this unseen world or to become infatuated with it. We are grateful for the covering and protection that we have from any evil forces in that unseen world.”


 (Pastor Sean Kelly, Penasquitos Lutheran Church, San Diego )


Pastor Sean Kelly




(Pastor Sean was formerly with Redeemer, Fridley)"I would definitely echo Glesne's comment, especially about not believing there are Christians roaming around the unseen world.

I would add a thought about the unseen spiritual world...: God's Spirit (Holy Spirit) promised at baptism is contained within us, not hovering around close by.

The apostle Paul tells us that our bodies are Temples of the Holy Spirit. There is an interdependency with our and God's Spirit. We're intertwined. It's this interconnectivity that continues when we pass from this life to the next whereby our Spirit's stay connected.

I believe that any Spirit in the unseen world that we can sense (outside of Father/Son/Holy Spirit) is not connected to God.

We do know, however, that occasionally God sends messengers (Angels) to proclaim a particular truth for a particular person at a particular time."



Julie Berg and her home at 1036 42nd Ave NE Columbia Heights, MN

Our daughter Julie bought an old house located at 1036 42nd Ave. NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421 in June of 2004. This old house was built in the year 1925. In the year following the purchase of the home, Julie started encountering a spirit or spirits of the unseen world that appeared to reside in this 85 year old house.

It was in the fall of the year 2005 that a series of incidents started taking place in this old house that convinced Julie that at least for a period of time, a spirit or spirits of the unseen world inhabited the house. The series of incidents started and continued through a period of bathroom renovation work that ended in the fall of the year 2007. After the renovation was completed, the below described incidents came to an end. The incidents appeared

to reach a frenzy of activity during the peak of the renovation/reconstruction activities.



 (Julie Berg)


 he incidents are classified into (4) four categories as described below:

Actions of Julie’s Chihuahua dog “Nina”. One evening the dog crouched down in front of the upstairs stairway’s closed door and was looking at the door expectedly and making whining sounds while crouched down. It appeared as if she expected someone to come down the stairs and open the door. The dog did this for a time period of about 5 minutes. There was only one such incident. This event took place in the fall of 2005. Julie was fearful of opening the door at the time of the incident.

Finding of pennies around the premises. During the course of the renovation time period involved, somewhere between 70-80 pennies were found on the floor. The pennies were seen on the floor all about the house...three and four were found at a time in the different rooms. They would be picked up only to reappear again at a later day. The series of pennies were all found during the time period of 2005-2007. The age of the pennies were not noted. The pennies did not appear new in that they were not shiny pennies. No other coins were ever found…it was always pennies. After the bathroom reconstruction was completed in the fall of 2007, such coins or pennies were no longer found.

Dimming and brightening of the lights about the premises. These events took place both with dimmer and non dimmer type lights all about the house. For a time, Julie noted this take place in her bedroom when she was undressing for bed. The lights would dim. Finally it reached the point where Julie would not turn on the lights and would undress in the dark to avoid the experience of the dimming of the lights. This was noted in the bathroom during the reconstruction of the bathroom and living room. There was no dimmer switch on the bathroom or living room lights. In addition it was noted that the bathroom fan would at times start racing. The time period of the dimming lights was 2006 – 2007. The greatest amount of activity by way of the dimming of the lights took place during the height of the bathroom reconstruction activity in a 2-3 month period in late 2007. The activity was so intense at this time period that Julie said she was afraid to be home alone in the house.

The seeing and glimpsing of what was perceived to be spirit movements about the premises. For the most part, these movements were peripheral vision observations. Julie recalls and incident when she and her friend Geno were watching TV one evening…Julie saw some movement out of the corner of her eyes. She wondered if Geno had seen it but said nothing to him. The next day he asked her if she believed in Ghosts and then told her he had also seen some movement out of the corner of his eyes. He said he turned and looked and momentarily saw a dark figure of a lady with a long dress on and that she immediately disappeared. These movements were seen over a period of about 6 months. Julie thought she saw about a half dozen or more of such movements. Geno was of the opinion that he saw approximately a dozen such movements.

Much to Julie’s relief and peace of mind, there have been no further incidents since the renovation/reconstruction activities were completed in 2007.


Editorial Note: When checking paranormal or spirit investigations as reported on the internet, I found certain common threads or denominators in the reports. It was noted that frequently the finding of coins was indicated in conjunction with such activities. The renovation and reconstruction of the affected buildings was also considered a source for such spirit or paranormal activity. One report suggested that “renovation and reconstruction served to “stir things up and bring out what ever was dormant. It could have a lot to do with a disruption of the environment and or conditions that kept them dormant”. It should also be noted that the previously reported Spirit activities at the old Rolstad farm east of Cameron took place during the peak period of the renovation of the house and ceased when completed. Reports of unusual electrical activity was also noted as one of the three rather common threads in the various reports reviewed. (Coins, renovation and electrical activities)

Neither Julie nor Geno were aware of such activities having been previously reported on the Internet or other media in regard to spirit or paranormal activities. (Coins, renovation and electrical activities) One can thereby assume they were not influenced by such information prior to their own experiences.



The Henry and Haldis Rolstad Farm east of Cameron, WI

During the year's Ca. 1954-1969: (15 years) Haldis and Henry Rolstad (June's Mother and Father) moved a final time in the mid 1950's to the small farm on the South side of U. S. Highway 8 about 6 miles east of Cameron in Barron County. (Current address of this property is 2655 14th Avenue Highway 8) It was while Haldis and Henry were living at this farm that June's Dad Henry passed away. This was in effect, her Mom and Dad's retirement home and they no longer were actively engaged in farming. Haldis and Henry lived together at the farm home for approx. 15 years before Henry passed away. Haldis continued to live there for a short time period before moving to Barron, WI. (Haldis remarried 21 October 1973 when she moved to Barron, WI.) John Porter a subsequent owner, advised that the owner of the property before he acquired it was a Stan Koenig. Koenig was reported to have rebuilt the original barn on the old foundation after it was destroyed in a windstorm...Koenig operated the farm as a dairy farm using the orginal milk house. Koenig was thought to be the first owner after the Rolstads. Owners following Koenig were John Porter and the Gensen's.

(Henry "Pops" Rolstad (Below) Circa 1965, in casual farm clothing.)



June's Father, Henry "Pops" Rolstad, passed away on 7 October 1969 at the age of 77 years. (2 weeks short of his 78th birthday.) He died suddenly following a second heart attack while doing some of the things he always liked – "puttering" around the barn.

Some unusual events have since been reported to have taken place at the site of the last home that Haldis and Henry lived at, prior to Henry passing away. Since Haldis and Henry last lived there, the land and buildings have had  three (3) more recent owners. It has been rumored that this farm premises was or now are inhabited by "spirits" and are said to be haunted. This notion was spawned following a visit to the farm by Denis (June's brother) in November 2009 when such suggestions were made to him. Because of this information, I decided to personally revisit the farm premises and talk first hand with the present owners.

I interviewed Reagan and Mary Gensen on 29 May 2010 at the former Rolstad farm home. The Gensen's are the current owners of the former Rolstad Farm on Highway 8 East of Cameron.) This middle aged couple have been the owners of the farm for 6 years (Since Ca. 2004) and are operating a business as the "Blue Pony Antiques." Gensen's advised that the previous owner was a John Porter who had operated the premises as a Llama farmer. (Porter says he owned it for over 20 years....since Circa. 1984.) Haldis moved off of the farm no later then early 1973 as she married Ed Nedland and moved to Barron 21 October 1973.) John Porter advised that the prior owner before he acquired the property was a Stan Koenig.

John Porter denied any spirit activites during the approx. 20 years he lved there. Our daughter Susan corresponded with Porter in March 2013 and at that time Porter denied seeing or hearing anything unusual during the years he owned the property and resided there!...

"Yes,  I am the former owner of the farm.  I did live there for over 20 years, and never really felt as though anyone else was there. I did hear of some situations from the current owner, and really didn't know what to think. My personal thoughts were that your grandfather was happy with the way that I was taking care of his farm and liked the way that I was keeping it up." ...John Porter. (14 March 2013)

The Gensen's reported that the most recent incident related to "spirits" and the "unseen World" took place at about 10:00 PM on a Saturday night during the winter months of January or February in the year 2008.

On the day of the event, Reagan Gensen was seated at and using his computer when he heard a "tap - tap - tap" on the southeast window of the house. When this tapping was repeated a second time, Reagan armed himself with a gun and went outside to investigate. When he failed to note anything unusual, he returned inside the house, and again seated himself and resumed using his computer. Almost immediately he felt 4 sharp jabs or pokes in his back like someone had poked him with a finger. A startled Reagan exclaimed to his wife Mary - "This is ridiculous!" Nothing further happened that night. The next morning he discovered that an electrical outlet on the south side of the house appeared to be burned and partially melted. This outlet had been connected with an electrical extension cord to a water tank heater. Apparently the cord shorted out or the outlet box itself shorted out and started a small electrical fire. This in turn melted part of the box and the connection and then burned itself out in/at the box. The Reagan's were of the opinion that the "Spirit" had been trying to warn them of the fire danger to the house. No other unusual incidents have taken place since that time in 2008.

It should be noted that at the time period of the "Spirit" activities, the Gensen's were engaged in "extensive renovations" in the house including a wall change, bathroom and laundry room changes with some form of work on almost every room in the house. I have noted in a review of many internet reports of "Spirit" activities that a common denominator or thread is that such "Spirit" activities take place during periods of renovation or remodeling of the home. Reagan Gensen advised that the "Spirit" activities were timed at the height of their renovation activities...Gensen denies any actual sightings of spirits!

 (Photo below - Gensen renovated Rolstad Farm House - 2013)

Rolstad Farm House


The Reagan's also reported three other "Spirit" related incidents that have taken place in the time period of their ownership of the farm. All the events were prior to or preceding the above event in the winter of 2008.

(1) One incident took place during the evening in which a noise was heard on the ceiling that sounded like someone was stomping on the ceiling with a pair of "Cowboy Boots." No one was upstairs at the time. (

2) On a second occasion, one evening, Reagan was taking a shower in the bathroom. When he exited the shower, he heard a loud ruckus or commotion from the ceiling attic area above him. Again, no one was upstairs in the attic area at the time.

(3) A third incident was reported by their children one evening as the sound of music and laughter from the upstairs or attic area. Again no one was up in that area at the time.

It had been suggested that since Henry Rolstad had died on the premises, that perhaps the "Spirit" was that of Henry Rolstad. But for the reasons outlined above, this seems to be highly improbable.

Knowing that Henry Rolstad was a devout Christian and had been such for all of his lifetime, it was not logical to me that his spirit would be staying on the premises. If there was ever a person that should have gone directly to heaven it was Henry Rolstad. Certainly he would want to be with Haldis and the other family members who had preceded him.

As Pastor's Glesne and Kelly both point out, it would seem unlikely that the "Unseen World" would be populated with Christians wandering about. I am sure that June, her mother Haldis, her dad Henry, my mother Ellen and my father Tom are all now living a life of heavenly splendor and excitement far beyond all of their earthly imaginations or expectations.


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Reader's Comments

Linda Lee  - Garstang, United Kingdom - (31 October 2014): "Very interesting Stanton, I can see why so many people have read the page."

Jane Lewis  - Cardiff, United Kingdom - (31 October 2014): "Gives you a lot to think about - very interesting. I experienced certain moments in the weeks after my brother died and took great comfort from those moments. In times when I was alone and upset there were incidents that happened and I knew he was there."




June's Passing

June 1994

The "Memoriam" article published in the Minneapolis Star - Tribune following June's death in October 2008, can be seen on this website by clicking  the below link. It can also be found on the website on the top navigation strip of the home page under the "In Memoriam" label:

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