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June: "Bringing in the New Year"

June and Stan on New Years Day 1981

(June and Stan - one of their special New Years - Sofitel)


It has been June and my Stan's tradition to spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day together at the Sofitel French Hotel located in the Minneapolis southwest suburb of Bloomington...back in the day before Alzheimer's took June away from Stan...

Now that June is in Heaven, Stan is content with Cyberspace celebrations and content with the idea that June is looking in on us with her Heavenly Intelligence System...even the Bible suggests that we have Heavenly observers...The Bible suggests that those who’ve entered heaven before us actually know what is happening on earth. After listing the great heroes of the faith who are now in heaven, the writer to the Hebrews then adds:

 “Therefore since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses… let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”   (Hebrews 12:1)

The below discussion outlines how Gill Denman (UK) and myself along with two others, and with June's watchful eye in Heaven, organized the first cyberspace New Years Party in is now an annual tradition and event.


In the day…before Alzheimer’s took over June’s life we would check into the Sofitel Hotel either the day before New Year’s Eve or on the day of New Year’s Eve and would not leave again until New Year’s Day afternoon or the next morning.

It was a great time…at one time the Sofitel had a dance band playing in the lobby area to dance in the New Years accompanied with Champagne for all…earlier in the evening we would have had a great dinner in their ballroom…late afternoons would be lobby “people watching” time to the accompaniment of a lobby piano player who played all our old favorite tunes…New Years Day always ended with a great buffet lunch…our Sofitel room always overlooked the lobby area…after dancing in the New Year, we could go up to our room and watch the dancing continue in the early morning hours in the lobby below…what great days they were…

June New Years Eve 1983When June was no longer able to do this and when she was in the care of a nursing home, I suspended the New Years at the Sofitel and spent those times with June at the nursing home...

When June passed away I decided to restart June and my old tradition and once again had my New Years celebration at the Sofitel…I checked in the day before New Year’s Eve and stayed until the day after New Year’s Day…it was a sentimental journey…joyful but at times sad in reflection.

I would put June’s picture on one of the lobby tables where June and I loved to eat and people watch…we always ordered a large tray of cheese and fruit and lots of crusty French bread…and of course our favorite wine, White Zinfandel…I always request that the server pour June her own glass of wine and give her a place setting just like the old days… some of the staff were from the old days and reminisced with me…the little lobby French shop owner also remembered the old days and would often speak of them…but of course it was no longer like the old days when June was with me…the lobby was changed in style and structure and the old tradition of dancing in the New Year with a band is no longer a part of the new Sofitel agenda…

Last year the Sofitel did honor June and I by presenting us with a beautiful gold colored metal angel holding a gold  heart…it was almost 7 inches in height…the word had gotten around about June and I…They had seen me honoring June’s memories before on our special days, so did not look strangely at me sitting at my usual lobby table with June’s picture, her glass of wine and her place setting…and of course the Valentines’ Day Channel 11 TV video taping coverage two years earlier had established June and me as a Sofitel fixture on June and my special days…

With the changing times and our changing income, this year I had to cancel the Sofitel New Years tradition…The trouble with my good fortune of  living to age 85 was the fact that I had outlived the IRA I had set up in earlier days…I thought I had it all figured out…In the day, I had arranged for and funded an IRA that was set to run through my 85th birthday…it actually expired this November…I remember well when we set it up…I was told that my longevity table age estimates at the time indicated that I would probably  live to be age 85…well frankly, I did not believe it based on history of my natural father dying at age 55…I also made the foolish statement  that should I live that long, I doubted that I would give a “hoot” about much of anything at that age…well here I am at age 85 and I do give a “hoot” about a lot of things…

June January 1984June and I would rather spend our life savings for charitable programs that have an Alzheimer's-dementia awareness connection...It is also my wish to promote these same programs in a way that honors June while also serves as a reflection of God's love.

My Christmas Eve with June at 6025 Gardena changed to one of being alone with June’s memories for the first time this year 2013…perhaps it follows that being alone at 6025 Gardena Lane for a New Year’s Eve with June’s memories  naturally follows…

There is of course an upside to it all…This December 31st has dawned a bitter cold below zero morning…in fact it has been heralded as the “Coldest December 31st in recent years”…a very good message that seems to say “stay home this New Years Eve and sit by the warm fireplace that June installed for you many years ago from her personal savings, and raise a glass of White Zinfandel in toast…not only to the New Year 2014 but in toast to the memory of this great gift from God that arrived on 8 November 1927 and was christened “June K”…and would later change my life forever and for the better…


A Cyberspace 2013-2014 New Years party

Shortly after I posted this page I was contacted by an English and an Irish friend who at that time were only minutes away from the new year (2014) in the UK and was only minues before 12 midnite in those countries while it was minutes before 6 PM here...then a friend from Richmond, Virginia also joined us and we had a cyberspace New Year's Eve party...each toasting the new year with a glass of wine...June was considered a member of a party of five...See the below reader comments of Gill Denman, (UK) Vicki Cadogan (Ireland) and Catherine Jones-Hatcher (Virginia) for the exchange that took place in our cyberspace party...Gill was kind enough to suggest June's hand in hosting and inviting some of her family's departed loved one's to our party in spirit on this occasion...Gill kindly commented at Midnight London time:

"None of us is alone tonight, I think we had a pretty good party. It would be nice to think June invited a few more of our loved ones to the party in cyberspace. I would suspect my sudden craving for Brie with red wine might have been prompted by someone from the other side, I would like to think so..." ... Later at midnight USA... "After you attended the UK New Year party in cyberspace, hosted by June, wishing you a Happy New Year American time!"

Amen to that Gill, so would I like to think so...

Update; On 17 January 2014, received this addendum from Gill Denman: "Just as I thought the week was drawing quietly to a close I had a phone call asking me to have a chat on BBC radio, it was live... Bring on the radio programme, I told the world what it is like caring and the cloak of invisiblity worn by carers...I got to mention the impromture New Year celebration we held on Stan O. Berg's facebook page, it was fun, people on 2 continents and one in heaven celebrating New Year's London time...June is always an inspiration."

For other comments on 2014 New Year's Eve by the participants of the Cyberspace New Years Eve party, see the "Reader's Comments" section below under the New Year's date.

The original five (5) including June monitoring it from Heaven with her "Heavenly Intelligence System:


Gill Denman - United Kingdom

Vicki Cadogan - Ireland

Catherine Jones-Hatcher - Virginia

Stan Berg - Minnesota

June K. Berg - Heaven



 The 2d Cyberspace New Years Eve Party 2014-2015

Around 5:30 PM Minneapolis time and 11:30 PM London time, a group of internet friends converged in cyber space to watch the 2015 New Year arrive in the United Kingdom…As suggested by Gill, I would like to think this all happened under the watchful eye of June in her Heavenly mansion with her heavenly cyber communications system…the focus of the communications exchange was centered on my Facebook page…

The following internet friends gathered with and on my site and communicated with each other as the New Year arrived in the United Kingdom…several with a glasses of wine or favorite drink in hand to toast the new year…of course I had my and June’s favorite White Zinfandel wine in a Sherlock Holmes glass held at the ready….

Gill Denman of Essex, United Kingdom was this and last year’s moving force…Gill was the prime organizer of our cyber New Years gathering…Gill is also a caregiver for her Mum Mable, another of the many dementia type disease victims of this world…one of the dementia type diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia, Lewy Body Disease and others, was and is a common connecting denominator of and in the group…most of whom were or have been caregivers to loved one’s with one of these terrible diseases.

Gill started the ball rolling this year on December 30th by posting the following message on my page, June’s Memorial page, Dementia Aware page, Purple Angel page and others…

"Gill Denman

New Year!!!!! Please Read!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year Stanton O Berg, myself and a few others met up on Stan's FB page at midnight London Time to toast in the New Year. Many people are on their own, caring for their loved ones or just feeling in need of a bit of solidarity and understanding.

If you would like to join us this year please be on Stan's page at midnight London time - glass in hand containing wine, tea, fruit juice or whatever you drink! Stan likes White Zinfandel, in his honor, I've bought some White Zin to toast the New Year. If you can't make midnight London time, please post a 'happy new year' when you can…

I think we all need some positive vibes for the New Year, whether it is for ourselves, our loved ones or to remember those who aren't with us.

Please give some feedback if you think you will be there - if no-one else attends then Stan & I will have our trans-Atlantic toast on our own!!!!! But we would like some company - I might have a situation to deal with of my own and I don't want to stand Stan up. It meant a lot to a few of us last year, if you can attend, please let us know what country you are in.


It was around 11:30 PM London time on New Years Eve that Gill posted the following new message on my page to start things rolling:

Welcome to Stanton's New Year!!!!!

Place your New Year message here as you raise a glass to the New Year.

Best Wishes to all - whether here or on the Celestial Plane.

For a few minutes all was quiet and then as we neared the midnight hour in London, a rapid exchange of mutual New Year’s greetings and comments followed…the following 10 (ten) friends all joined Gill and I and June in a participation of our Cyber New Years celebration London time..

Attendance at the LONDON New Years was 12 plus June from Heaven....8 were from the UK and 4 from the US.

Attendance at the Minneapolis or US Central time New Years was 18 plus June in Heaven...4 were from the UK and 13 were from the US...for a grand total of 30 plus June...


 London New Years 2015


London 2015 Cyber New Years Attendance

In addition to Gill and Stan, the following were in attendance...Lora Rushing Robinson of Benton, Louisiana, George Richard Herschel, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom, Lisa Cope, Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, Lis Webster, Bury, St. Edmunds, United Kingdom, Isabel Harper, Belfast, United Kingdom, Elise Goldstein Widerker, Brooklyn, New York, Lisa Tao, Chicago, Illinois, Jane Lewis, Cardiff, United Kingdom, Anita Moran, Wrexham, United Kingdom and Linda Blanchard, Torquay, United Kingdom...and of course June with a Heavenly presence...

As the New Year arrived in the United Kingdom, a spectacular fireworks display appeared over London, the display continued uninterrupted for over 11 minutes with a finale that lit up the London sky over with a glare that almost made the “Big Ben” of the London skyline disappear…

Following the fireworks display, my United Kingdom friends, one by one departed the group to catch what sleep remained of their now 2015 night…


I spent most of the remaining hours before the “Witching Hour” or midnight here in Minneapolis sitting by the fireplace listening to Christmas music and thinking of June as I waited out the hours before our old year turned into the New Year here in the Midwest USA…

Hours later at around 11:45 PM Minneapolis time and 5:45 AM London time I reopened the conversation on my page…only one of the originals responded to my invitation but many other friends quickly joined in until I also had to leave the group  to head for bed as our time neared 1:00 AM…

Minneapolis 2015 Cyber New Year's Attendance 

The following (17) seventeen friends joined me to end up my day….only one was among the originals from our earlier celebration of the New Year London time…Isabel Harper from Belfast joined me again to celebrate the New Year in Minneapolis time…either Isabel was an early riser (6 AM) in the UK or had a long caregiver night or occupational requirements…what ever the reason, I was happy to see her return for my New Year…thanks Isabel.

Also a special thanks to Ann Farr of Wrexham, Anna Tatton of Leeds, Madge Green of London and Carole Calderbank of Chorley in the United Kingdom…they also joined me for my Minneapolis New Year.…Thanks so much Ann,  AnnaCarole and Madge!.

The other (12) twelve US friends listed below, joined me at midnight Minneapolis time for the dawning of the new year in the Midwest…there are other friends who also wished me well in the new year but the special one’s listed did so on or closely to the “Witching Hour.”

Andrea Matthes Nicklow, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rose Elley, San Diego, California, Joy Bright, Buckeye Lake, Ohio, Sheila Leers Nilsen, Samish Island, Washington, Connie Lowers O’Brien, Decatur, Tennessee. Bertha Dusenberry, Ohio, Judith Brownstein,  Buffalo, New York, Tonya Gunn O’Brien, Atlanta, Georgia, Crystal V. Jamie, Dalton, Georgia, Sherine Peterson, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Ali Zimmerman, Pine Island, New York, and Jennifer Foxhoven, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This final addendum was received from Gill on New Years day morning..:

“Gill Denman: Stan. You had 2 New Year celebrations, us Brits obviously can't take the pace that you hardy new worlders manage!!! I'll raise a 2nd glass to you in thanks for livening up New Year - I'm sure Geordie George & his mum will share the sentiment!!!... you managed 2 New Year celebrations - YET AGAIN, you have more stamina than I do (ignoring of course that you first celebration was in early evening) :)”



The 3rd cyberspace New Years Eve Party 2015-2016

3rd Cyber New Years 2015-2016

(Announcement for the 3rd Annual  2015-2016 Cyberspace New Years Celebration)


Lisa Tao was kind enough and talented enough to design our 3rd annual cyberspace 2016 New Year's eve celebration thank you to Lisa.

Each years celebration is larger then he previous one…

This 3rd annual New Year’s celebration was about 1/3rd larger then last years…

The total, including the London New Years, the Minneapolis New Years and a few in between, numbered 42 or 10 more then last year…in addition the page shows 61 Facebook “Likes”

Unfortunately our co-sponsor Gill Denman had internet connection problems and did not arrive and log in until near the end of the London phase of the celebrations...

Below is listed the participants in order of their log in time…also shown are their world wide locations...

London New Years: (In addition to Gill, Stan and June, the following were logged in.)

Julie Harrison – Chorley, United Kingdom, Lisa Tao – Chicago, Illinois, George Richard Herschel – New Castle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, Jane James – London, UK, Lora Leah Robinson – Benton, Louisiana, Helen Kiely-O’Regan – Cork, Ireland, Mandy Lockett – Benson, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, Joan Doezen – Roermond, Netherlands, Ann Moghraby – Solihull, United Kingdom, Alison Barton – King’s Lynn, Norfolk, United Kingdom, James Denton - Pana, Illinois, Julia Malkin-Mbe –Leicester, United Kingdom, Jeff Shaw – Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom, Sue Stratton – Harwich, United Kingdom, Isabel Harper – Belfast, United Kingdom, Kay Hudson – Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom and Dianne Cogar – Springfield, Ohio.

Minneapolis New Years: (In addition to Stan and June, the following were logged in.)

Vea Flood – Spring Hill, Florida, Kathy Williams – Riverside, Texas, Patricia Speck – SE Wales, United Kingdom, Lisa Tao – Chicago, Illinois, Connie Sue Lowers – Decatur, Tennessee, Ann Farr – Liverpool, United Kingdom, Joy Bright – Ohio, Patrice Kohn – McKinney, Texas, Melissa Vaughn – Newburg, Indiana, Lori Cochrane – Hamilton, Ontario, Maureen Gray – Boston, Massachusetts, Stephanie Ryder – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jackie Cumberland – York, United Kingdom, Cindy Palewicz – New York, New York, Janet Davies – Farnham, United Kingdom and Silla DeGrato, San Diego, California.

Also and in addition, the following were logged in approximately midway between the London and the Minneapolis New Years…

Deborah Gusman – Melbourne, Australia, Debbie Reid – Anonymous, Charla Williams – Grove City, Ohio, and Catherine Jones-Hatcher, Tuckahoe, Virginia.

Thank you all for your participation…and who knows besides June, the loved ones that may have been looking in from heaven…


Gill Denman's  Announcement for the 2017th Cyber New Years's London Time 

Attend New Year’s Eve on Stanton’s Facebook page!!!!


For the past few years we’ve had a meet up on Stanton O. Berg page just before midnight London time to wish everyone a Happy New Year plus raise a glass of whatever – wine, spirits, coffee or even a cup of tea. This time of year, it’s nice to be with others around the world and celebrate. We all know that many people won’t be able (or want) to attend formal parties, maybe caring for a loved one, not be well themselves, away from friends/relatives or just don’t feel like going out. Meeting up in cyberspace is a way to show solidarity.

The first year there were 4 of us,(Gill, a lady from Dublin, myself and a lady from Richmond, Va.) last year there were hundreds wishing each other a happy new year. All you have to do is be there, toast New Year and put a New Year greeting to the other attendees so everyone knows they are not alone. Please be there, it means a lot to us.


Be on my page at 6.05 PM Minneapolis time...that is 12:05 AM London time...just exchange greetings, perhaps raise a glass or other toast and welcome in the New Year...See you then...Stan



Stan Berg's Announcement for the 2018th Cyber New Year's London  Time


 The "Cyhber" New Year's gathering time is this page (Stan's Facebook Page) at 5:30 Midwest, US T me. That will be 11:30 PM in the UK as the Count Down to the New  Year at 12 Midnight in London...Please Join us and exchange New Years Greeting...Last Year G ill Posted a  Video of the Lodon Fireworks at Midnight London time...Gill will do the same posting this year. (And Gill Did)

I had my LTC Aid bring me my supper at my computer so that I would be on hand for any assistance I could give and to assure my self I did not miss anything..

My Impression was that our attendance this 2018 New Year was similar to 2017...greetings trickled into my computer Facebook page all night long...

Another successful "Cyber" New Year's Celebration!









Cyber New Years 







Sofitel Bar and Dining Area

 The Sofitel Bar ajoining the Main Dining Area - "Back in the Day"



Sofitel Angel

(Sofitel Pesentation Angel in honor of June living with the Angels)

This Angel (Gold color figurine 6" tall holding a gold heart)  in honor of June was presented to me by the staff at the Sofitel on my arrival for the New Years week end 30 December 2012 with the following hand written message:

"Bonjour and welcome back Mr. Berg. It warms us to hear that Sofitel provides such wonderfl memories for you. We hope that your sentimental journey evokes all the positive feelings that love brings, and if there is anything we can do for you please let us know." 


Photo Notes

Top center photo is June and Stan at the Sofitel during New Years. Middle right photo is June on New Year's Eve at the Sofitel. The lower right photo is June on New Year's Day at the Sofitel. Bottom center picture above is the Sofitel Bar looking into the main Dining Room.  Photo just above these notes is a Gold Angel presented to me by the staff and management of the Sofitel on New Years 2012 in honor and memory of June and the many New Years past that we have spent at the Sofitel. Photo by Redeemer friend Keith Olson. The Bottom photo are two glasses of White Zinfandel. This was June and my favorite toast to the New Year.


Editorial Note: A short time ago, (Late September 2013) the Sheraton Hotels bought out the Sofitel, so June and my old favorite hotel is no is now advertised as the Sheraton Minneapolis. I am glad that I was able to spend the last New Years at the Sofitel while it was still our place of memories.



 two glasses of white Zin


 © 2014 Stanton O. Berg


 Reader's Comments

Beth Ann Doucette  - Lino Lakes, Minnesota - (31 December 2013): "Absolutely love this article and of course this picture:-)  We are picking up our granddaughters in Forest Lake as usual. They spend every New Years Eve with us. It has been a tradition since Ivy, now 13 was only a year old and her sister, Violet, now 7 joined in. We take them out to view special lights and have our own party later on with special snacks and hats, noisermakers etc. That is our celebration, and we will play games and maybe watch a good family movie. Our 28 yr old grandson usually stops by also. Low keyed but fun.  HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear friend, to you and of course to June!!" 

Judy Lemon Spooner  - Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal - (31 December 2013): "That's wonderful - to live longer than you expected! As the old saying goes... "Who wants to live till they're 100?... Every 99 year old!" You keep safe - June is with you wherever you are so the location matters not. Have yourselves a Happy New Year."

Debby Richardson  - Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom - (31 December 2013): "What a lovely memory to have. I must confess that it brought a tear to my eye! God bless you and have a Happy and healthy New Year!"

Annette Beseman  - Blaine, Minnesota - (31 December 2013): "Happy New Year Stan.  Glad you still “give a hoot!”

Paula Coley  - Pittsfield, Massachusetts - (31 December 2013):"Happy New Year Mr. Berg; may the memories of the many New Years Eve celebrations fill your heart.  The love that you shared with your beautiful wife touches my heart each time I read one of your posts.  May the New Year be filled with good health, happiness, and continued awareness for your most vital charity...Alzheimer's Awareness.  God bless you, always!"

Mary B.  Walsh  - East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania - (31 December 2013): "Cheers Stanton! I hope your New Years Eve is filled with pleasant memories-and hope for a healthy, peaceful year ahead!"

Gill Denman  -  Essex, United Kingdom - (31 December 2013):"You are a lucky man to have such memories and experiences, a very wealthy life - nothing to do with money more the memories.  I sincerely think that being able to sit in a warm home with a glass of wine reflecting on everything and with all the bad weather shut outside is absolute perfection. Maybe I am getting old but quite honestly I do feel that celebrations years ago were better, the world was a simpler place, going back to places where memories were created might break the magic. As I write this, I'm raising a glass of Italian red wine to you and June. Cheers Stan...Gill wrote: "Fireworks have already started around here, a tad premature. Gone silent now, I suspect all Hell will break loose in 15 minutes. You get to celebrate New Year twice this year Stan!!!! A man with a foot in 2 continents. Do you know the term 'first footing'? Traditionally someone knocking on the door to be the first foot over the threshhold in the New Year, I don't think many do that nowadays. Pity we can't round up a few more for our UK party..."Got the figure wrong - we are up to 5 now, sorry Stan, forgot June, unforgiveable of me, blame it on the wine, just having a particularly nice French Brie with it."...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! fireworks started Cheers Stan and everyone else...(1 January 2014):"Stan. I wonder what your neighbours would think if they knew you were celebrating New year in England ... I think we may be some of the wealthiest people in the world tonight, celebrating together is a wonderful thing - and across the miles..."Is this not a good way to celebrate Stan, cyberspace is where June is imortalised, so I guess we all spent New Year round at her place and we don't have to worry about getting a taxi to get us home. Best New Year party for a while, great hostess ..."None of us is alone tonight, I think we had a pretty good party. It would be nice to think June invited a few more of our loved ones to the party in cyberspace. I would suspect my sudden craving for Brie with red wine might have been prompted by someone from the other side, I would like to think so...Sitting around the fireplace indoors is the best place to stay. Have a good 2014 when it gets to you Stan & co in America. Rain sounding heavy here, not what we need, a lot of flooding in the UK already over Christmas, thankfully not here...After you attended the UK New Year party in cyberspace, hosted by June, wishing you a Happy New Year American time!"...(17 January 2014): "Hi Stan. Did your ears start to burn about 20 minutes ago?  I was interviewed on BBC Radio Birmingham about caring, they asked about my social life and how it had gone, I told them my social life was the internet and how the little group of us spent New Year toasting the event on Face book, didn't get to mention your name but did say it was an international event.  That was an event which will stay in my mind for a while, you made my New Year, thanks...Stan. The joy of it was that it was so spontaneous, shame a few more people couldn't have jumped on board, I would like to think that our little group were the only ones alone, I suspect not though. From what I read of June she would have loved it & I am sure she was there. Things happen for a purpose...June is always an inspiration"

Catherine Jones-Hatcher  - Richmond, Virginia - (31 December 2013):"Awww ... such a sweet photo... she was very stylish! ... and you both look very happy! I had wondered if you had made your way to the Sofitel this year, but as you say... with the extreme weather ... it is probably just as well that you safely stayed home this year. I too am missing my hubby, with whom I generally used to share a midnight cheese fondue...We were the type to stay in and "off the road" so it is not too different to stay in... just tough to do it with nothing but his memory. I shall raise my chilled glass of champagne to you and June, and hope you will take a sip of Zinfandel to Harold  and me...this cyber party is fun!... "guess we are not all alone , after all! Thanks for the smiles guys! Have a blessed night all!..."

Vicki Cadogan  - Limerick, Ireland - (31 December 2013): Such wonderful memories Stan. Wishing you a happy, healthy new year. I'm raising a glass of Irish cider to you and your very unique and beautiful June...And happy new year just hit midnight in good old Eire aka Ireland. Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhuit ( Irish)...(1 January 2014): Thanks everyone although I'm alone tonight (kids in bed) I don't feel alone anymore. Thanks for bringing in the new year with me. Modern technology is just marvelous..."

Karen Briesemeister  - Fridley, Minnesota - (31 December 2013): "Thank you for sharing these happy memories of New Year's Eve at the Sofitel with June.  I, too, will stay in my warm house tonight and will treasure the memories of many Happy New Year celebrations with Ellard. A Blessed New Year, Karen."

Amy Stiel Almas  - Waterford, Michigan - (31 December 2013): "Happy New Year, Stan. Thank you for another year of posting your touching stories and thoughts...they always strike a chord with me.  The world could use more warriors like you."

Karen Barbier  - Houston, Texas - (31 December 2013): "Beautiful memories Stanton! Thanks for sharing. I'll toast you and June tonight."

Terry Ferlas  - Cottage Grove, Minnesota - (31 December 2013): "Cheers and happy new year Stan, i will raise my glass to you both!  Enjoy those lovely memories..."

Bridie Breen  - Manchester, United Kingdom - (31 December 2013): "Stan, you and June certainly shared some wonderful times and this evening of ringing in the new year, those treasured memories will warm you from the inside out. Many will not have known love for a lifetime like you and June did. 2014 will bring you good things and none of us know how long we have to live , just see each day as a bonus. My parents went as 60,64 yrs. your Dad much too young. I hope New year will see you raising a glass to your favourite girl and feeling the joys of life that tomorrows bring."

John Stevens  - Twin Falls, Idaho - (31 December 2013): "Wonderful story Stan.  Thanks for sharing."

Cher Riley-Hart  - Bristol, United Kingdom - (1 January 2014): "Stunning Photo Stanton, June looks so relaxed and happy in this one, I am now off to work on a late shift back after 21.00hrs GMT."

Christine Pickard  - Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom - (1 Janaury 2014): "Happy New Year 2014, full of nice surprises, and Laughter. Thank you Stan for your stories, heartfelt,  you are a gentleman, and I'im glad you are my friend."

Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, Inc.  - Mount Pearl, Canada - (3 January 2014): "Thank you so much for sharing! -Amelia White, Events Coordinator."



June's Passing

June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and into June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"