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June and Stan's Life Together - Looking Back



jUNE AND sTAN 1952

(June and Stan's Marriage Photo - August 16th 1952)


When June Died October 2008, June and Stan had been married for 56 Years

August 16th, 2018, June - Stan  have now been now married for 66 years

June is in Heaven - Stan now 90 years old, is waiting to Join June in Heaven



June and Stan were both products of poor farm families, and raised during the "great depression" years...they both finished high school in the World War II years...June and Stan first met in the spring of 1951 while he was home on leave from the Army during the Korean War days...They became engaged in the fall of 1951 and were married in August of 1952 following Stan's discharge from the Army...June and Stan became the last of the old fashioned "traditional families" in which June was in charge of the home (homemaker) and Stan was in charge of income production. June and Stan had a joint discretionary checking account. They jointly planned vacations and family activities...they were also the first in the history of their own two families to be able to offer a college education (tuition paid) to those of their children who desired to better their own education.

In looking back at their life, June clearly had the toughest challenges as the "lady in charge of the home"...Stan recalls a former neighbor and friend of June's telling him in later years, how much she admired well organized June was and how this lady wished she could be more like June. June not only ran the home including the housekeeping, laundry, and meals, but also functioned as a wonderful mother, a grandmother and a wife.

June was also a very active force in their Redeemer Lutheran church where she pulled a very heavy oar...June served as a Women's Circle Chairwoman and held meetings in their home. June taught a church Sunday School Class. June also served as a Girl Scout leader in the then church sponsored Girl Scout Troop. She also served as a member of the Church Board, and served on the church Nominating committees. June was a frequent Nursing home visitor. June served as an Evangelism team member and was a Sunday morning Church Greeter... 

June was noted for her friendly smile...when June smiled even her eyes smiled and if one listened carefully, one might even hear the angels sing.

June always managed to look fresh, sharp and beautiful. During the times and days of their early limited income. June made many of the children's clothes as well as some of her own clothing on her own "Singer" sewing machine in order to assist with a then very tight family budget. June also served as the family barber and cut the children's hair...June was so proficient as a barber that she frequently received requests to cut some of the neighborhood children's hair. Stan really did not know how June did it all...


After their child raising years came to an end, (June and Stan have four children and 22 grandchildren) Stan took an early retirement from his administrative job with a large insurance company (State Farm) after 32 Years (1984),

Stan then plunged full energy into a second career of "forensic science consulting."

Stan's forensic consulting career which originated as a part-time business in 1961, suddenly became full-time in 1984. June attended most all of the conferences attended by Stan...and most often he was a conference speaker.


June and Stan

 (June and Stan - Conference - 1977 - Playboy club - Lake Geneva, WI)


June and Stan were seated ringside for an evening of entertainment following a day long conference...June and the on stage entertainer/comedian, had a continuing repartee during his all started when June responded to comments he had directed at her...June as a beautiful lady seated at the edge of the stage was easily a center of attention.

Suddenly June became favorably known by many of the conference attendees and other guests and received friendly comments the following day...


Stan's second career was spawned and inspired by his early days (4 years) with the Army at their Counter Intelligence Corp. Center in Baltimore with his free time spent in the nearby Baltimore Police Department's Identification Division.

This was followed by his later forensic research published in forensic peer review publications.

June became Stan's administrative assistant in their new life which quickly became a life of the forensic business rapidly prospered, it required travel through out the United States, Canada and Europe...

Stan was also fortunate to be a part of a number of high profile cases including the Robert Kennedy Assassination 1975), the SLA assassination of the Oakland School Supt. Marcus Foster (1975), the Chicago Riots following the Martin Luther King assassination (1968), and the Chicago Police and Black Panther shootout (1977)...He was also associated in a lecture series on the John Kennedy Assassination.


June traveled with Stan about 170 times, to forensic science conferences that criss-crossed the US, Canada and Europe...

Stan was also fortunate in being selected as the chairman of 4 such international conferences in the forensic sciences...Edinburgh (1972), Zurich (1975), Bergen (1981), and Dusseldorf (1993).


June's name badge

(June's badge, American Academy of Forensic Sciences , Reno, Feb. 2000)



June and Stan participated in the first ever international forensic science conference in the Soviet Union during the height of the cold war in 1969...June and Stan danced the night away in Moscow's Rossia a 1973 forensic medicine conference in Rome, June shook hands with Pope Paul VI during an audience...London became June's favorite city...during a conference at Oxford University in 1984, June and Stan lived in the historic old student housing of Christ Church College and Queen's Colleges...

Because of their related Sherlockian interests, June and Stan visited all the Sherlockian historical haunts in London during their 8 visits and capped it off by attending London's Sherlock Holmes Festival in 1999...June became Stan's Dr Watson for a lifetime...and what a wonderful life they had.

Both June and Stan were life long fans of the old classic country western music. Because of their participation in forensic science conferences scheduled at nearby Nashville, they were able to attend the Grand Ole Opry on three different occasions. (1990, 1992, and 1996)

June and her winning smile made friends where ever they traveled!...June's radiance could change a moody day...June became a very special plus in Stan's new professional career...


June K. Berg 

(June - Midwest Association of Forensic Scientists - Fairview Heights, IL, Oct-1989)


The Alzheimer's Years

It was after some 20 years later and 1000 forensic cases at the age of 77, as Alzheimer's started taking over their lives in the year 2004, that Stan retired a second time to devote full time to June's care.

It Was in 1997 that June had called for her own diagnosis when she noted short term memory problems...the diagnosis of early stage Alzheimer's in January 1998 caused them to re-evaluate their remaining life together...rather then become a part of the "Memory Cafe's" scene where everyone was a constant reminder of Alzheimer's, they decided to make the most of their remaining years together before the disease took control.

They made their "bucket list" and they did them all...they lived life to the fullest...most of the relatives and family friends did not even realize that June had Alzheimer's...they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2002...beginning in 2004 and later, Alzheimer's started slowly taking control.

There after, Stan lost June tear drop by tear June slowly slipped into the shadows of Alzheimer's...eventually June was in a world where Stan could no longer reach her!...this was the saddest of her last year she hardly ever opened her eyes. 

Before June's Alzheimer's diagnosis their world and June's character and personality was represented by a vast sea of bright and beautiful lights. After June's Alzheimer's diagnosis, these bright lights all begin to slowly dim. As June slowly slipped deeper into the shadows of Alzheimer's, the lights gradually flickered out one by one.

Eventually the time came during the last two years of her life, when the brightness that marked their world and June’s life was replaced by one of darkness...for the last year of June's life she was almost totally non-responsive and could not walk or talk or use her hands and arms...June had difficulty eating...Mayo says the late stage victims live in "constant fear".

June's hand gently cupped over mine and her soft voice telling me:  "I love you Stan" were then just memories.

It was late 2008, after a 12 year journey into the Alzheimer's darkness and as June lay like a wounded and exhausted soldier on a field of battle, that God gently touched June's shoulder and she heard the words: "Come Home June!"

June's passing was as if a most beautiful symphony that played during June and Stan's life together, had now ceased to exist!


Stan's Comments - Looking Back

I was so richly blessed by having June and her unconditional love in my life for 56 years...regardless of the  cruel impact of Alzheimer's during the final period of June's travel into the shadows of this terrible remains as a very dark period in our overall richly blessed lives...lives that I would not change if it meant that my life would be a life without June.

I have often described June and my life together as a "Divine appointment"...I think it was clearly much more then just a simple blessing. I owe June and God an unending debt! 

While I have also described it as "winning the lottery of life!" was God that handed us the winning tickets...Thank you God!

I will love June until the sands of time cease their endless trickle...June is always on my mind and in my is my hope that we will meet again in Heaven when my final bell tolls...


(Published in the Minneapolis Star - Tribune, Valentine's Day , Saturday February 14th, 2015)


Stan's Note: Since this page was first created in 2015, approximately 7,000 persons have visited this page.




Stan's Resume of Forensic Experiences

The below resume of qualifications is (9 pages long) the exact resume sent to all new  or potential forensic clients at the time of their retention of Stan's services. It is also the outline of Stan's qualifications used in all court cases to qualify Stan as an expert in forensic firearms, airguns, their designs, safety mechanisms, their ammunition, firearms wounds and all related areas of forensic firearms, airguns and one can testify in court on any of the forensic sciences unless a judge approves such a witness as an expert in his field...

June as Stan's business administrative assistant, attended most or the majority of the Forensic Conferences shown below under the heading of  "Speaker - Program Participant -Professional Visitations...the below listing shows only those conferences in which Stan participated as a speaker or lecturer...there are a total of 57 such conferences shown in the below list...the total of all conferences where Stan was either a speaker and or just a conference attendee, total 170.  

While June attended most of the 170 conferences, June also would have some conflicts in her duties as a mother, grandmother and daughter that required June be at home...June did not attend trials due to the frequent changes in timing, scheduling dates and length or duration of such trials...

As I have said before: "June and her winning smile made friends where ever we traveled!...June's radiance could change a moody day...June became a very special plus in my professional forensic career..."


letterhead emblem                       Stanton O. Berg

                              Forensic Firearms Consultant

         6025 Gardena Lane, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55432

                        763-571-9314 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




 1.Research: Engaged in firearm research, testing and experimentation since 1947.

 2. U. S. Army: (4 years) Expert rating - M-1 rifle. (Also qualified with the M-1 Carbine, M-3 submachine gun, 1911A1 pistol and .38 caliber revolvers.)

 3. Hunter: Lifelong Hunter. (Deer, Small Game and Upland Game Birds.)

 4. Firearms Consultant since 1961. (Handled approx 1000 firearms - airgun cases.)



Book/Chapters: Author of chapters in three (3) books: 1. "FORENSIC MEDICINE" (Saunders 1977), 43 page chapter 12, in volume I, "The Forensic Ballistics Laboratory". 2. "TRIAL and TORT TRENDS" (Coiner 1968), 9 page chapter, "Firearms Wounds". 3. "A READING APPROACH TO PROFESSIONAL POLICE WRITING" (Thomas 1972), 9 page chapter 13, "Filing .22 Firing Pin Impressions".


Technical Papers: Author of over one hundred eighty five (185) technical papers and articles on firearms, firearms safety designs, firearms identification or "forensic ballistics". The articles have ap­peared in: 1. "JOURNAL of CRIMINAL LAW, CRIMINOLOGY and POLICE SCIENCE" (Northwestern University). 2. "IDENTIFICATION NEWS" (IAI). 3. "THE CRIMINOLOGIST" (London). 4. "FINGERPRINT and IDENTIFICATION Magazine" (Institute of Applied Science). 5. "FORENSIC SCIENCE" (Switzerland). 6. "GOPHER IDENTIFICATION" (Minn. Div. IAI). 7. "CARTRIDGE TRADER" (ICCA). 8. "The AMERICAN RIFLEMAN" (NRA). 9. "AFTE JOURNAL" (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners). 10. "JOURNAL of FORENSIC IDENTIFICATION" (IAI). 11. The "JOURNAL of THE FORENSIC SCIENCE SOCIETY" (FSS England). 12.. WOUND BALLISTICS REVIEW. (IWBA) SEE: Selected list of representative titles of published papers.



1. American College of Forensic Examiners (ACFE)  Diplomat of the American Board of Forensic Examiners, (DABFA) and Fellow of the College. (FACFE) (Life Member 1996-)

2. American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) (Fellow) 1966-

3. American Gunsmithing Association (AGA) (Life Member) 1996-

4. American Ordnance Association (AOA)(Life Member) 1965- (American Defense Preparedness Association - National Defense Industrial Association)

5. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1989-

6. Association of Crime Scene Reconstruction (ACSR) 1993-

7. Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners (AFTE) (Life-Charter Member 1969), (Distinguished member 1972), (Key Man 1972), ( Special Honors 1976), (Emeritus Member 2004), (Member of the Year 2003-2004).

8. Browning Collectors Association (BCA) (Life Member 1988)

9. Forensic Science Society (FSS) (England) 1976-

10. International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (IABPA) 1988-

11. International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) 1972-

12. International Association for Identification (IAI) (Life Member 1947) (Distinguished Member 1988.)

13. International Ammunition Association, Inc. (IAAI) (Life Member 1961)

14. International Study Group in Forensic Sciences (ISGFS) 1985-

15International Reference Organization in Forensic Medicine and Sciences (INFORM) 1980-

16. International Wound Ballistics Association (IWBA) 1991-

17. Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists (MAFS) 1989- Emeritus Member 2004.

18. Minnesota Division, International Association for Identification (Charter Member 1963) (Life Member 1989.)

19. Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association (MWCA) 1963-

20. National Rifle Association (NRA) (Life Member) 1957-

21. Ordnance Society  (England) (Life Member) 1997-



1. Appointed: ASTM Standards Development Committees: E-30 on FORENSIC SCIENCES. (Subcommittee on CRIMINALISTICS E30.01.) 1989-  F-15.06 NON POWDER GUN PRODUCTS. (Airguns.) 1990-  F-08.24 PAINTBALL GUNS & SYSTEMS. (Airguns.) 1994-

2. Appointed: Editorial Committee AFTE Journal (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners) Springfield, Illinois. 1989-1992.

3. Appointed: Feature Editor: Technical Notes, The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and  Pathology, Wichita, Kansas. 1979-1991.

4. Appointed: Editorial Board, The International Microform Journal of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Wichita, Kansas.  1979-1985.

5. Appointed: AFTE National Peer Group on Certification of Firearms Examiners as a part of Criminalistics Certification Study Committee Project. (Forensic Sciences Foundation) 1978 - Board of Directors, American Board of Forensic Firearm & Tool Mark Examiners. 1980-

6. Appointed: Scientific Advisory Committee - Firearms - The Western Conferences on Criminal and Civil Problems, Wichita,  Kansas. 1977-

7. Appointed: Examination and Standards Committee of the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners 1975-76.

8. Appointed: "Panel of Experts" by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Wenke for the re-examination and testing of Firearms evidence in case of People of the State of California v. Sirhan B. Sirhan. (Robert Kennedy Assassination.) Nominated by Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County, California 9/1975.

9. Appointed: Editorial Staff, The International Bibliography of the Forensic Sciences. 1975-81. INFORM (International Reference Organization in Forensic Medicine) Wichita, Kansas. The Criminalist's Source Book 1980-  .

10. Appointed: Advisory Board, The Milton Helpern International Center For The Forensic Sciences, Wichita, Kansas. 1975- 

11. Appointed: ANSI Approved Canvass List (American National Standards Institute) on recommendation SAAMI (Sporting Arms & Ammunition Manufacturers Institute) for purpose of reviewing and voting on proposed American National Standards (Voluntary performance standards for pressure and velocity of: Rimfire Sporting Ammunition - Shotshell Ammunition - Centerfire Pistol & Revolver Ammunition - Centerfire Rifle Ammunition - for the use of commercial manufacturers.  1974-1984.

12. Appointed: Contributing Editor, "The American Rifleman" magazine. (Circulation 1 million + ) Official Journal of the National Rifle Association of America, Washington, D.C. (Published since 1884) 1973-1984 (12 years).

13. Appointed: Board of Consultants (Firearms) to the Institute of Applied  Science, Chicago, Illinois - Syracuse, New York. 1974-  .

14. Appointed: Firearms Sub-Committee (Science & Practice Committee, International Association for Identification) 1961-1974, 1987-2000. Chairman: 1964-1966, 1969-1970, 1991-1995.The Laboratory Research and Techniques Sub-Committee. 1980-1981.

15. Elected: Executive Committee, Association of Firearm & Tool Mark Examin­ers. 1970-1972.

16. Elected: First Editor of "Gopher Identification", official publication, Minnesota Division, International Association for Identification. 1965-1970.

17. Appointed: Instructor, Home Firearms Safety, National Rifle Association. 1967-1975. Home Firearms Responsibility. 1975-

18. Appointed Chairman of the AFTE (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners) Public Relations Committee. 1979-1980.



- HISTORY CHANNEL “FORENSIC FIRSTS” Participated in the History Channel production of “Forensic Firsts” aired on 30 July 2001. Participated  in the segment on “Forensic Ballistics” with on camera commentaries.

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners), 12 July 2001, Newport Beach Marriott Hotel, New Port Beach, California. Presented a slide lecture on “Trigger Pull: A Safety Design Factor.

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners), 13 June 2000, Regal Riverfront Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri. Presented a slide lecture on "How To Blow Up A Shotgun."

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners), 23 July 1999, Radisson’s Fort Magruder Inn, Williamsburg, Virginia. Presented a slide lecture on “Magazine Safety Designs.”

- IAI ANNUAL EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE (International Association for Identification) 24 July 1998. Excelsior Hotel, Little Rock, Arkansas. Presented a slide lecture on: “The Firearms of Sherlock Holmes, Part II”.

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners) 16 July 1998, Sheraton Grand Tampa, Tampa Florida. Presented a slide lecture on “The Firearms/Safeties of Sherlockian Victorian London, Part II”.

- IAI ANNUAL EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE (International Association for Identification) 31 July 1997, Tara’s Ferncroft Conference Resort, Danvers, Massachusetts. Presented a slide lecture on “The Firearms of Sherlock Holmes, Part I”.

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of  Firearms and Tool Mark Examiners.) 16 July 1997, Holiday Inn and Conference Center, Annapolis, MD. Presented a slide lecture on “The Firearms/Safeties of Sherlockian Victorian London, Part I”.- IAI ANNUAL EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE. (International Association for Identification.) 25 July 1996, Holiday Inn - Four Season Hotel, Greensboro, North Carolina. Presented a slide lecture on "The World of Firearms Safety Designs III".

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) 15-19 July 1996, Milwaukee Hilton Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Presented a slide lecture on "Firearms Safety Designs III."

- IAI ANNUAL EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE (International Association for Identification.) 26 July 1995, Red Lion Hotel, Costa Mesa, California. Presented a slide lecture on "The World of Firearms Safety Designs II".

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) 5-9 June 1995, Bahia Hotel, San Diego, California. Presented a slide lecture on "Firearms Safety Designs II."

- IAI ANNUAL EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE (International Association for Identification.) 25 July - 29 July 1994, Pointe Hilton Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona. Presented a slide lecture on "The World of Firearms Safety Designs".

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) 5-10 June 1994, Ramada Inn South, Indianapolis, Indiana. Presented a slide lecture on "Firearms Safety De­signs: State of the Art". Vis­itations also made to the firearms sections of the Indianapo­lis - Marion County Crime Laboratory and the In­diana State Police Crime Labora­tory.

- IAFS 13th CONFERENCE (International Association of Forensic Sciences) 22 August - 28 Au­gust 1993, Univer­sity of Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany. Presented a slide lecture on "Magazine Safeties: State of the Art". Also served as Chairman of the Scientific Sessions on Firearms. A side trip to London resulted in visita­tions to the firearms section of the Metropolitan Forensic Science Laboratory and to the Armories at the Tower of London.

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) 17 May - 21 May 1993, North Raleigh Hilton Hotel, Raleigh, North Carolina. Presented a slide lecture on "Magazine Safeties: An Important Safety Design". (An updated and expanded version.)

- IAI 77th EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE (International Association for Identifica­tion) at the Trump Taj Mahal Ho­tel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1 July 1992. Presented a slide lecture on: "Magazine Safeties: An Important Safety De­sign".

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) April 28 - 1 May 1992, Marco Polo Hotel, North Palm Beach, Florida. Pre­sented a slide lecture on "Airgun Safety Systems and Designs."

- IAI 76th EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE (International Association for Identifica­tion) at the Marriott Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri, 11 July 1991. Presented a slide lecture on "Airgun Loading/Feeding Safety System Designs".

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) June 10 - 14, 1991, Adams Mark Ho­tel, Houston, Texas. Presented a slide lec­ture on: "Safety Load­ing/Unloading Designs of Revolvers".

- IAI 75th EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE (International Association for Identifica­tion.) July 29 - August 3, 1990, Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee. Pre­sented a paper on: "Trigger Pull: A Safety Design Factor".

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) June 18 - 22, 1990, Holiday Inn Old Mill, Omaha, Nebraska. Presented a paper on: "Jar Off: Critical De­sign Factor".

- IAI 74th EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR (International Association for Identifica­tion.) June 18 - 23, 1989, Pensacola Hilton Hotel, Pensacola, Florida. Pre­sented a paper on: "False Safety Notch: Firearms Design Problem".

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) April 24 - 28, 1989, Virginia Beach Resort and Convention Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Pre­sented a paper on "Safety Design: Remington Semi-auto­matic Shotguns."

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) June 13 - 17, 1988. Nordic Hills, Itasca, Illinois. Presented a paper on "Safety Design: Remington Slide Action Shotguns." Visitation also made to the Illinois Arms Co. Inc.

- INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION of FORENSIC SCIENCES (11th Meeting) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Hyatt Regency Hotel) August 3-7, 1987. Presented a paper on "The False Safety Notch in Historical Perspective".

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) June 15 - 19, 1987. Seattle Hilton, Seattle, Washington. Presented a paper on "History of Lever Action Firearms and Their Safeties."

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners), April 28 - May 2, 1986. Holiday Inn, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland. Pre­sented a paper on "Rohm/RG In­dustries Firearms and their Safeties." A side trip made to the U.S. Army Testing and Eval­uation Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Mary­land and to the U.S. Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen. Visita­tion also made to the Firearms Section of the Baltimore Police Crime Labora­tory.

- AFTE TRAINING SEMINAR (Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.) June 17 - 21, 1985. Michigan State Police Training Academy, Lansing, Michi­gan. Presented a paper on "Derringers and Their Safeties: A History." 

- MINNESOTA SOCIETY of OPTICAL MICROSCOPISTS, Meeting, University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus. April 8, 1985. Presented a slide lecture on "Case Book of a Forensic Firearms Consultant".

- 10th INTERNATIONAL MEETING IN FORENSIC SCIENCES, Oxford University, Eng­land, September 1984. Presented a paper at the Firearms Section meetings: "Firearm Safeties: The State of The Art." Visitations also made to the Firearms Section of the London Metropolitan Police Laboratory and to the Ar­mories at the Tower of Lon­don.

- 9th INTERNATIONAL MEETING IN FORENSIC SCIENCES, Bergen, Norway, June 1981. Served as Chairman of "Ballistics Symposium." Presented paper: "History of Revolver Safeties." Visi­tation made to the Crime Labo­ratory, Bergen Police .

- ANNUAL CONFERENCE, ASSOCIATION of FIREARM & TOOL MARK EXAMINERS, Denver, Col­ orado, May 1981. Presented a paper: "History of Revolver Safeties".

- FIRST NATIONAL CONFERENCE on FORENSIC SCIENCE, Snowmass, Colorado,  September 1979. Sponsored by National District Attorneys Association, Ameri­can Academy of Forensic Science and Forensic Sciences Foundation.

- ANNUAL CONFERENCE, ASSOCIATION of FIREARM & TOOL MARK EXAMINERS, Milwau­kee, Wis­consin, May 1979. Presented a paper: "The Drama of Forensic Ballis­tics" and "Special Firearms Evi­dence Inquiry Into The Assassination of Robert Kennedy".

- LECTURER, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL, Chicago, Illinois. June 1978. "Short Course For Defense Lawyers in Criminal Cases: Firearms Identi­fication and It's Eviden­tiary Legal Problems."

- 8th INTERNATIONAL MEETING IN FORENSIC SCIENCES, Wichita, Kansas, May 1978. Served on Committee of Organi­zation, Scientific Program, Criminalistics. Presented a paper: "The Drama of Forensic Ballistics". Visita­tion to the Milton Helpern International Cen­ter for the Forensic Sciences, Wichita Uni­ versity.

- SPRING MEETING, MINNESOTA DIVISION, INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION for IDENTI­FICATION, Burnsville, Minnesota, April 1978. Presented a paper: "Supersonic Gunshot Wounds".

- VISITATION: Factory of HOLLAND & HOLLAND GUNMAKERS, London, England, September . 1977.

- FALL MEETING, MIDWESTERN ASSOCIATION OF FORENSIC SCIENTISTS, Bloomington, Min­nesota. Oc­tober 1977. Pre­sented a paper: "Special Firearms Evidence In­quiry into the Assassination of Robert Kennedy". Same lecture presented to the FALL MEETING of the MINNESOTA DIVISION of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION for IDENTIFICATION, Duluth, Min­nesota, August 1978.

 - WESTERN CONFERENCE on CRIMINAL and CIVIL PROBLEMS, Wichita, Kansas, May 1977. Pre­sented a paper: "The Firearms Scene Today".

- WESTERN CONFERENCE on CRIMINAL and CIVIL PROBLEMS, Wichita, Kansas, Novem­ber, 1978. Pre­sented a paper: "Firearms Evidence VIA Video Tape".

- LECTURER: CRIMINAL DEFENSE SEMINAR, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Continuing Le­gal Edu­cation Dept. and MINNESOTA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION. MAY 1976. "Scientific Presentation - Firearms and Ballistics".

- ANNUAL CONFERENCE, ASSOCIATION of FIREARM and TOOL MARK EXAMINERS, Toronto, On­ tario, Canada, May - June 1976. VISITATIONS made to the Firearms Laboratory of Centre of Forensic Sciences, Ontario and the Winch­ester-West­ern Arms and Ammunition plant, Cooey, Ontario.

- 7th INTERNATIONAL MEETING of FORENSIC SCIENCES, Zurich, Switzerland, September 1975. Presented a paper: "Firearms Evidence Via Video Tape". Also served as Chairman, "Criminalistics Symposium on Laboratory Plan­ning". VISI­TATIONS made to Institute of Le­gal Medicine, Zurich University and firearms section Police Labo­ratory, (Stadt Polizei) Zurich. Side trip to London with visits New Scotland Yard and Arms Collection at "Armories - Tower of Lon ­don".

- 53rd MEETING, GERMAN SOCIETY for LEGAL MEDICINE, Gottingen, Germany. September 1974. VISITATION made to the Institute for Legal Medicine, Georg-August University, Gottingen. Side trip to London with VISITATIONS to New Scotland Yard (London Metropolitan Police) Murder Squad and Re-visit to Firearms Section, Forensic Science Laboratory. Also VISITA­TION to the Royal Small Arms Factory and Arms Collection at Enfield.

- WESTERN CONFERENCE on CRIMINAL and CIVIL PROBLEMS, Wichita, Kansas, May 1974. Pre­sented a paper: "What's New in Firearms in America". VISITATION made to the Wichita Po­lice Crime Laboratory, Firearms Section.

- 9th CONGRESS of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF LEGAL MEDICINE and SOCIAL MEDICINE, Septem­ber 1973, Rome, Italy. Presented a paper: "Supersonic Gun­shot Wounds". VISITA­TIONS made to the Institute of Legal Medicine and the National Crime Laboratory, Firearms Section. (Centro Criminalpol Divisione Polici Scientifica) Side trip made to London with VISITATION to the Arms Collections of the Imperial War Museum.

- 6th INTERNATIONAL MEETING IN FORENSIC SCIENCES, Edinburgh, Scotland,  September 1972. Presented a paper: "Case Book of an Independent Firearms Ex­aminer". Served as Chairman for the Firearms and General Criminalis­tics Sym­posium. Side trip to London with VISITATION to the Firearms Section of the Forensic Science Labora­tory, London Metropolitan Police.

- ROSEVILLE MINNESOTA ROTARY CLUB MEETING, September 20th, 1971. Presented a slide lecture on “Forensic Ballistics.

- ANNUAL CONFERENCE, ASSOCIATION of FIREARM and TOOL MARK EXAMINERS, Phoenix, Ari ­zona, February 1971. Pre­sented a paper: "A Brief Look at the Forensic Sciences in Russia-Hun­gary-Austria". This lecture also pre­sented at the CONFERENCE of the INTER­NATIONAL ASSOCIA­TION OF CORONERS and MEDICAL EX­AMINERS, St. Paul, Min­nesota, August, 1970 and the FALL MEETING, MINNESOTA DIVISION, INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION for IDENTI­FICATION, New Ulm, Min­nesota, September, 1970.

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- PARTICIPANT, SOVIET-AMERICAN SYMPOSIUM in FORENSIC MEDICINE and the SCI­ENCES, Moscow, Leningrad, Budapest and Vienna, October 1969. Visitations to the Central Trauma Institute, Leningrad and Representative of the Institute of Criminalistics, (Firearms Specialist), Soviet Ministry of Justice, Moscow. Visitations to the Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of Bu­dapest, Institute of Forensic Medicine, Vienna and the Firearms Section, Criminal Technique Central, Vienna.

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 Reader's Comments

Trudy Dillaway  - London, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "...June was a very lucky lady to have such a loving, dedicated husband who holds her hand on both sides of the door...You spread the message so touchingly. You should write a book. I often wonder if all the loved ones of all the sufferers were to unite for a few days a year, taking over chat shows and radio stations, telling their stories, standing together; saying listen to how awful this disease is, this isn't age related per se it's a brain disease and can happen at any age, I believe the World would then listen, because it may happen to them. Spreading the word through media may be the way to make people sit up and listen. You have such a special way with words I think people would stop and listen. Once people stop thinking of Dementia as an age related disease then things may change. Too many adverts forget to mention that. It's sad that it takes to travel the journey before you really know what it truly is." 

Paula Valentino  - Palm Harbor, Florida - (12 February 2015): "Stan, your posts are quickly becoming my favorite because I think we all can understand. They resonate with me. My mom has vascular dementia. She will be 92 next month. Mostly with mom, it's short-term memory loss. (I MEAN TOTAL LOSS)... she's a shell of herself. I'm an only child and I'm scared a lot. Thankfully she is home across the street from me in her own house with a Godsend of a caregiver. But that doesn't stop me from missing her."

Donna Button  - Paulton, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015):"Stan you and june and your love is inspiring so wish everyone treated each other like you and june...brought tears to me thinking of my mum as well...thank you again."

Bonnie Seip  - Ottsville, Pennsylvania - (12 February 2015): "Mr Berg, I just began to read the first paragraph you wrote . As the tears are running down my cheeks right now, I find it hard to hold them back . You my friend are a very..., anyone who reads this Beautiful , all I can think of is " Love Story " they are sure to learn A LOT ABOUT this horrific disease Alzheimer's...I really can't type anymore because I can't stop crying it breaks my heart when I think of all the people in this world who are right now being diagnosed with this disease... You my friend are such a... And people will learn from you just by reading this BEAUTIFUL POST...Thank you for Sharing this Love Story , MAY GOD BLESS YOU."

Julie Garner Jones - Sale, Cheshire, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "Stan, my heart goes out to you. Thank you so much for sharing. I know one day I will be down that road with my mum. Like you I am will treasure every moment with my mum. God bless you."

Marsha McKneely Ault - Nacogdoches, Texas - (12 February 2015): "So glad you continued your crusade against this horrible disease...your post helps me to understand even more what you are all about."

Maureen Williams - (12 February 2015):"So beautifully written, I have tears streaming down my face. Thank you for sharing Stanton , keep strong god bless."

Stephanie Ryder  - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - (12 February 2015):"It is extremely obvious that you loved your late wife, June, so very much. When I read your posts, it helps me understand how my own beloved father feels about my mother whom he loves dearly, but she has Alzheimer's as well. This is such a horrible disease...You miss June so much. My dad misses my mother so much, despite the fact that she is physically still with us, but she isn't, I know you understand what I mean. Sometimes, it is very hard for me to read your posts, because I can feel your pain....I pray for you."

Norma Park - Falkirk, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "Hi Stan, what you wrote there was so moving. It helps me so much as my Mum is at the later stage of this terrible illness and it leaves me feeling so lonely. Reading what sadness you went through leaves me not feeling such alone which sounds weird but it does help.Thank you."

Clare Woolvine  - Manchester, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "God i cried reading this. I miss nan so much. You have just spoke of everything i thought of. Nan was trapped in a nightmare 24 7. She couldn't wake up from. I remember being at home one night and planned to go the home. Sneak her out and look after her at home. Id of got charged with kidnap. Its def the cruelest."

Jane Moore - Camelford, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "Oh Stan - so sad for you and for me not too soon I hope. Mum has her 94th birthday tomorrow and I am doing all I can to keep her mind and body active. It's all I can do. I dread the future for her and for me."

Ann Farr - Wrexham, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "Stan, thank you for sharing this - others have felt the same but only the brave share their thoughts - sending you a hug."

Tracy Hubbard - Stoke-on-Trent , United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "I'd like to thank you also Stan for sharing sad but so true...for many...torn apart by this terrible illness."

Susan Kimball - Dover, Pennsylvania - (12 February 2015):"I have helped walk seveal friends and loved ones home with this terrible disease..."

Gloria Irla Marlow  - Royal Oak, Michigan - (12 February 2015): "Wow, so sad. My dad is going to face this soon as my mom declines. I only hope I can find a way to console him."

Debbie Taylor - Gomersal, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "My lovely mum has Alzheimers disease, she was such a lovely, caring, wonderful lady who loved her family and going to church. I dread the later stages, I've already lost so much of her to this cruel disease. I love the way you write about your June, the love you had, still have for her shines. God bless you both." 

Jan Allen - Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "Stan you write so movingly about your awful experience of having to helplessly witness June's decline. I cannot imagine how you were feeling. I struggle with having to witness my mother in law's suffering ...nothing like...I imagine losing a spouse. You are doing an amazing job of encouragement and enabling others to be honest about their experiences too. Such a witness. May God continue to bless you."

Amy Ruof Lakis - Baltimore, Maryland - (12 February 2015):"What a...devoted man you are. Alzheimer's robs victims and their families of so many moments that should be filled with love and sharing and joy. Each part of this journey is filled with difficult, emotional issues. The end, though painful, can be a celebration if we see our loved one as being freed from the chains of this awful disease."

Carole Johns - Redruth, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "Been there with both my parents and understand fully how difficult this illness is, what a moving story, I am also a carer for dementia @ mental health, so touching remember losing both parents to this sad illness, fabulous write up."

Maria Campbell- Scotland - (12 February 2015):"I wish my dad was like that with my mum but he couldn't handle it and kept running away from it and we daughters had to be there for her but my dad died first of a broken heart."

Joanne Ovey - Barnstaple, Devon, United Kingdom - (12 February 2015): "its a horrible disease my Dad has it my heart goes out to you what a beautiful story of such devoation." 

Charlotte Bartlett - Hamilton, Ontario - (12 February 2015):"I've been there with my husband passing on Jan. 10th and it is not an easy road to get over but love paves the way so as we are receptive to God's love it likewise overflows to others. Would not have wished this road of dementia on anyone."

Stacie L. Zamora  - West St. Paul, Minnesota - (12 February 2015): "Stan, I work with this population daily, and it is heart breaking, but also such an honor. The families are incredible, and we are allowed into their lives. I have seen the most selfless displays of love from spouse, such as yourself it really has shown me the meanining of LOVE."

Catherine Jones-Hatcher - Richmond, Virginia - (12 February 2015):"Your thoughts and feelings are so beautifully expressed...I can "feel" the pain and heartache thru your words. Sharing your painful memories DOES help others some degree...yet as you say...hard to comprehend if it is not first hand experience."

Annette Lefevre Ekelman  - Los Angeles, California - (12 February 2015): "Stan, thank you for sharing. Been there in caring for my Mom 24/7 as she went down that path of hell. I just keep praying someone finds a reason as to what causes it and a cure. Unless someone has walked in our shoes Stan, they will never trulely understand. Your writtings are a blessing though because they give a person a good glimpse of the degeneration of a life and the effects of the love one that is caring for them. It will be 5 years July 3rd since my Moms passing yet it seems as though only 2. I'm still trying to get my life back together after all the years of caring for her. Keep on keeping on Stan! We need more people with a heart and voice like yours to keep people aware of what is happening. God bless you Stan and have fun Saturday! Much love to you!"

Debbi Ring-Westbury  - Bay Point, California - (12 February 2015): "You are, a man who stood by his beloveds side, loving her all the way to heavens gate. You never let go of her, you were her night in shining armour. IT IS one of the worst diseases ever. It has me in tears often as I watch my mom slowly lose the ability to be who she was, and not have her as I used too and lose the ability to do the of simplest things. The slow fade, the anxiety and the agitation can make anyone feel crazy. Thats when you have to be the sane one and lean hard on the Lord and not allow the disease to swallow you up too. Praise the Lord for life after death, a painless, tear free life with Him and our loved ones who know Him. He is the Rock we must stand on. When I scream silently because of the disease or cry privately I know HE hears me and sees me and most of all He sees her and walks beside her. It is a bigger loss for them. God bless them and their care givers. You are a Stan. You have taught me a lot. I must be honest I am not looking forward to seeing my mom in the later stages of this damned disease. It scares the hell out of me."

Susan Milo Maroulis  - Charlotte, North Carolina - (12 February 2015): "Thank you for putting into words your experience that is so important to share- and what has gone through my mind too- on dark days, it's a struggle, when depression sets in, to keep fighting, and I know I have probably several years left. Thank you thank you...You brought tears to my eyes."

Gill Denman  - Essex, United Kingdom - (13 February 2015):"You were stopped from self harm for a reason, if you had gone then who would be there to spread the message. I feel too much publicity/resources is put towards diagnosis and false hope. No-one shouts loudly about the later/end stages. The look of fear in the eyes like a rabbit caught in the headlights. If the world knew what could happen it would cause an uproar, you have verballised it all in this post. You only have to look on that dementia pages and the emotions shown by those newly bereaved to say what it can be like. I know everyone goes differently but I feel there should be much more publicity for how bad it can get. That would shake the world."

Tammy Louise Rhodes - Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom - (13 February 2015):"Very emotional story. My heart goes out to you. I think all of us on this horrendous road of hell can relate to this. It's not just the person who has the disease but also their nearest and dearest that it affects in such a big way. It is one horrendous rollercoaster that has no happy ending. I think it is the worst disease in the world."

Clare Woolvine - Manchester, United Kingdom - (13 February 2015): "This illness destroys family's. I fought with mine over and over to let me take her home. Id of walked the floor 24/7 with her. I never got  the chance. I now understand why. Due to me being epileptic. I would not of managed. Then id go up the care home. And id be growling after watching videos of fb where abuse was going on in others. Id be checking for any signs with nan and id of killed. Then you say where u wanted to go off a cliff. I Wanted to go and get nan every single day id have to leave her there. Id lie awake at nite wondering what she was doing. If she was ok. I thought over n over about"Taking her for a walk to. Granddads". And seeing if they wanted me to help them to just go asleep. People will say thats awful. And i know. But my granddad was like you Stanton. Only they'd been separated for first time in 60 yrs. He was heart broken. My nan had made me promise id never let her get so bad. And i had. I knew she would Hate the way she had gone. I wanted them together. Thank you for being honest about that. I feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only person who has at some time felt that way."

Betsy E. Wurzel - Iselin, New Jersey - (13 February 2015): "Stanton, I can relate. My mom in law, my dad died of AD. Now hubby has EOAD. Sometimes i wish I'd go first but who would take care of him! Thanks for your honesty."

Debbie Susan Kennedy - London, United Kingdom - (13 February 2015): "Very sad reading this stan,it's such a cruel illness,my dear mum is in the late stages,seeing June laying there is like looking at my mum,it breaks my heart,thank you for sharing your story stan,god bless you."