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Reminiscences of June, a Traveling Grandmother

Chapter: 20 - 1975 - June in Zurich - London










Zurich University

(Conference Site at Zurich University)


In September 1975, June and Stan flew to Zurich, Switzerland. Here they spent a week at the Hotel Glockenhof...June and Stan were in Zurich because  the Seventh International Meeting of Forensic Sciences was convened in Zurich for the period of 8 September through 12 September 1975. The Conference site was Zurich University.


(June ready to board a street car in Zurich, 1975)


 June boarding street car in Zurich


While in Zurich, June and Stan were given a 5 day pass that enabled them to use the public transportation system of Zurich -VBZ - City Network without restriction during the time of the conference.  June and Stan  made liberal use of the system of public street cars to get around and about as they liked.

Zurich was a beautiful city with the Zurich River Limmat passing through the center of town. There were frequent pedestrian bridge walkways and observations points. It was a relaxing place to sit or rest.

While sightseeing in Switzerland, June and Stan visited the Lindt & Sprungli Chocolate Factory in Kilchberg. They also had a tour of Stein am Rhein, a boat trip on the Rhine to Schaffhausen with lunch at the Hotel Kronenhof.

One evening Stan and June were guests at a reception by the City and State of Zurich at Stadthaus (City Hall), Stadthausquai. Another evening saw June and Stan at a Chamber music recital at St. Peter's church, Peterhofstatt. They also took part in a Swiss folkloristic dinner and entertainment at a country inn on the Halbinsel Au.

June and Stan later took a train to Lucerne where they journeyed by tram up Mt. Pilatus. (7000 feet) where they had lunch at the Hotel Pilatus Kulm.

They returned via a breathtaking cable car ride down the side of the mountain. One lady was so frightened that she sat down on the floor of the cable car.

June and Stan's last night in Zurich was spent at a dance and banquet at the Zurich Guild House Zur Meisen.


(June sitting at a pedestrian rest area over - Zurich River)


June sitting by Zurich River 1975


June and Stan flew from Zurich to Heathrow Airport in London. During the week in London they stayed at the Piccadilly Hotel just off Piccadilly Circus.

While the week was spent shopping and sightseeing. June excused Stan for a day while he visited the firearms section of the London Metropolitan Police Crime Laboratory. (New Scotland Yard)

The Crime Laboratory is located on Broadway in London. During that visit, arrangements were also made for Stan to have a tour of the famous "Black Museum". The museum contains relics and evidence items from some of London's most famous crime cases of the past. The museum is not open to the general public.

It was during this stay in London that June observed the colorful ceremony involved in the "Changing of the Guard" at Buckingham Palace. The Palace guards are noted for their stoic, stern, and unflappable demeanor and straight-ahead stare as they march and stand guard.

June was observing the ceremony through an iron grill work gate. June was delighted and surprised to see one of the guards "WINK" at her as he marched up to the gate immediately in front of her.

Once again, time was spent visiting the Bruce family at their home in  Bexley, Kent south of London before returning home.

Gordon Bruce also spent some time taking Stan up to the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield. Gordon recalled that they "got into a problem with the police when they took photos outside." But all ended well with no problems from the misunderstanding.

Gordon Bruce had the following recollections of the Berg's visit to their home:

"We drove out to Rochester on the river Medway and went inside the Cathedral and also saw the Castle and some of the Charles Dickens locations. Joan said she bought June a little "Praying Hands" memento there. You and June took myself, Joan, Gary and Lynne out to dinner at the "Old Mill" in Bexley...we dined on an upper floor of the mill close to the giant milling wheel."

Note: The "little Praying Hands memento" referred to above was a small necklace with the "Praying Hands" for the pendant. This kind gift by Joan to June is now with our granddaughter Gretchen. This posthumous gift from June was a selection and a request by Gretchen following her grandmother's passing in late October 2008.