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Purple Angel Dementia Awareness World Ambassadors

Purple Angel 


June and Stan Designated Purple Angel Dementia World Ambassadors

Stanton O. Berg was officially designated as one of the Purple Angel Dementia World Ambassadors on October 28th 2013 by their world headquarters in Devon, United Kingdom.

June K. Berg was officially designated as an Honorary Purple Angel World Ambassador with Stan designated as her earthly agent and representative.June and Stan

June’s appointment followed Stan's on October 30th 2013 by their world headquarters in the United Kingdom. While Stan would have liked to have had June designated a full fledged Ambassador, under the circumstances, the honorary appointment is appropriate…of course, who really knows more about Angels than June.

June is the inspiration for all Stan does in the area of Alzheimer’s awareness, promoting research, funding and proper care practices…this is a good team!

A special Purple Angel Inaugural Ceremony will be held on Saturday November 16th at The Palace Hotel, Esplanade Road Paignton Devon TQ4 6BJ United Kingdom for those newly appointed Ambassadors who are able to attend…

If this inaugural ceremony was in the 1970's, the 1980’s or the 1990’s, June and Stan would have been able to attend this special function. During those years June and Stan were frequent visitors to the United Kingdom on forensic matters…currently because of Stan’s advanced age and June’s heavenly residence, such visits are no longer possible.

For the complete story of the Purple Angel's, visit the official Purple Angel Page. This page has everything you want to know about the "Purple Angels" as well as associated links...To access the oficial Purple Angel page, just click on the below link:

"The Purple Angel "


June and Stan's Purple Angel awareness activities

Purple AngelEmblem

1,  June's website ( is a stand alone website with it's own registered domaine name and is maintained in honor and memory of June and also Stan's mother Ellen - both passed away as victims of Alzheimer’s just a year apart. This site promotes Alzheimer’s and dementia disease awareness, research, and proper care practices. Approximately 1400 page visits take place every day by visitors from one of 170 countries. There are approximately 305 + essays and pages relating to Alzheimer and dementia subjects and references as well as pages honoring family and friends who have passed away from one of the dementia type diseases. The NIH recently partnered with June's website to have their own page on the site with the latest information on Alzheimer's in real time...The home page of this website has a "Purple Angel" emblem that is a direct link to information on all current world "Purple Angel" actrivities. In addition to this stand alone website, facebook pages are maintained for both Stan and June. June's Memorial facebook page can be accessed by this direct link:

(June's Memorial Facebook Page)

Purple Angel

2, June's Alzheimer's Awareness Card Program June and Stan also conduct an Alzheimer's information reference card distribution program honoring June and Stan's mother Ellen. The cards contain basic awareness, and current funding information on Alzheimer’s disease. The card dispensers are located at six (6) prominent business locations in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area as well as a card dispenser in Stan’s home town of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. 12,800 cards have been distributed thus far with this program. For details on the cards and contents as well as a complete listing of the business's that care and their locations:

(Business's that care and the card distributions)


Purple Angel Program

3.  June's Little Day Brightner's ...(onely Elderly Ladies) These are gifts of desert (Pie, Cake or Ice Cream)  for Lonely Elderly Ladies sitting and dining alone in one of the Restaurants that feature June's Alzheimer's Awareness Card Programs during one of my weekly visits to the restaurant...(See above No. 2) They are given a hand out sheet that describes June's gift and if they accept the gift, then the cost of the desert is added to my bill...they are not told that the gift is from me but only that it is a gift from June and as a reflection of God's love...the bottom of the handout sheet invites the gift recipient to visit June's website and learn about Alzheimer's ...the web address is given...June's picture also appears on the hand out sheet...for further details visit June's website page that describes this program:

(June's Little Day Brighteners)

Purple Angel

4. Ten (10) + other charitable programs are conducted through June and Stan's church (Redeemer Lutheran) and the Benedictine Health Care Center at Innsbruck, all with an Alzheimer’s connection. Programs are all in honor of Stan’s wife June. The 4 times yearly, hour long music concerts for the residents of the Benedictine Health Care Center would be an example of such a program. June was a resident at the Benedictine when she passed away from Alzheimer’s. This music group is called “June’s Benedictine Blue Grass Five” in June's honor. The 10 programs are entirely financed by June and Stan's life savings. No donations are solicited nor accepted. For a complete listing and the description and details on June's programs click on this link:

(June's Memorial charitable programs)


Purple Angels

5.  In addition, Stan's "Dining out with June"  is also a prominent Purple Angle Ambassador Program....See the below detailed description of Stan's dining with June...while this is one of Stan's means of honoring June, the Purple Angels are a part of every dining out experience...



June is Always my Dining Companion

June goes everywhere with me by way of her framed picture…whenever I am seated in a restaurant for a meal, I have June’s framed picture with me that I place in a prominent position on the table…June is always my dining companion…

June's framed picture also has the Purple Angel Logo attached to the bottom right corner of the picture...June and Stan November 2014

Often times other diners will stop by and ask me about June’s picture and the significance of her picture on the table...

That gives me the opening to tell all about June…that she was my divine appointment in 1951 that turned into our marriage of 56 years and ended only because of June’s Alzheimer’s that took her life in 2008…but that she is still an important part of my life…

It also gives me the opportunity to tell all about June and that she is a Purple Angel World Ambassador to promote awareness of the dementia diseases such as Alzheimer’s as well as promoting research, funding and proper care practices…

and to tell that June sponsors a dozen charitable programs that all have an Alzheimer’s and dementia awareness connection…that I am simply her earthly assistant to do what she cannot do herself as a resident of Heaven…

It also permits me to give the person asking the question, a single sheet handout describing June as a Purple Angel World Ambassador …

June's Purple Angel Photo

June's Dining Table Photo with Purple Angel designation in lower right corner 


June's Purple Angel Handout sheet 

Handout sheet describing June and her Purple Angel Activities 



Norman "Norm" McNamara

The Purple Angel World Dementia Ambassador’s program is one of the many idea’s and programs conceived by Norman “Norm” McNamara.

Norm is a Poet and a Writer and my friend from Torbay, Devon in the UK. Norm is the single most effective promoter of awareness programs for dementia type diseases in the UK…and perhaps even the world. Norm also has a very good working relationship with the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Norm McNamaraNorm is a tireless Crusader and advocate for awareness and for the finding a cure for the major dementia producing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Disease. I have three books in my Alzheimer’s reference library that were authored by “Norms” who is also a victim of Lewy Body Disease…

Norms is also a member of the  “Torbay Dementia Action Alliance” in his hometown of Torbay. Their goal to make Torbay the first "Dementia Friendly" city in the world was a goal achieved.

Norm also honored June by writing a poem in her honor and memory. The Poem "June" was written by Norm in February 2012 and is displayed on this website. to see Norm's poem in memory of June, just click on the below link:

(Poem in Memory of June by Norm McNamara)



Reader's Comments

Sherrie Penner Terning  - Cockato, Minnesota - (2 November 2013): "Stan...Awesome!!!"

Chris Law  - Westland, Michigan - (2 November 2013): '"Way to go!"

Shannon Mahoney  - (2 November 2013): "That is so Great Stanton!!  ... do so much and it's good to see this."

Catherine Jones-Hatcher  - Richmond, Virginia - (3 November 2013): "This tribute to you both is well deserved!!! Your activities and efforts over the past 12+ years have earned it!!!.... as well as the respect and gratitude of many ...(1 June 2014): "just revisited this link! Always learn something new when I follow your links! .... what a nice and memorable evening you ( and June) had... there is never a dull moment for you!"

Terry Shepherd  - Warsaw, Indiana - (3 November 2013): "Oh Stan, your love for June shines through with each word. Yet you still have space to think of me too. Someone you don't even know but yet you still care. God bless you Stan for being..."

Donald Hiatt  - Clovis, California - (3 November 2013): "Congratulations to both you and June.  I know it is not always easy to stand up for a cause, but please know that you are appreciated...Don."

Sandy Williams Spencer  - Phoenix, Arizona - (11 January 2013): "Wonderful work you do, Stanton, spreading the word about June and Alzheimers."

Crystal Page Boyles  - (11 January 2014): "Mr Berg, she's a ... I have read some of things you have wrote about Mrs Berg. The love you have for her is truly awesome . GOD bless you ...I share the birthday with Pattie Page and Mrs. Berg, November 8th, and the name Page. Tennessee that... I truly enjoy reading about June ."

Lin Schmidt  - Anoka, Minnesota - (31 May 2014): "That was awesome, Stan.  Thanks for letting us all know about the Purple Angels! Lin."

John Stevens - Twin Falls, Idaho - (1 June 2014): "What a story. Thanks for sharing Stan."

Jane Moore  - Camelford, United Kingdom - (20 November 2014):"Bless you Stan for all you do. Privileged to have June as a Purple Angel Ambassador keeping all those angels in Heaven in order."




Purple AngelJune and Stan were both appointed as Purple Angel  Dementia aware World  Ambassadors  (October 2013) for the purpose of promoting world wide awareness of Alzheimer's and the dementia diseases. Such an awareness will in turn  promote funding for research to find a cure and to promote proper care practices. June was appointed an honorary Purple Angel Ambassador with Stan as her representative in order to promote her many  charitable programs that all have an Alzheimer's and dementia awareness connection. June is the only resident of Heaven to have received this honor...and who actually lives among the Heavenly Angels...The Purple Angel world headquarters is in Devon, United Kingdom.


 June's Passing

June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...into June's new home, a Mansion on the Hilltop, where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"