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 Junes website

(Home Page of June's Website - June 2018)



A Discussion of Web Site Types

A Website (Web Site) is a set of interconnected web pages. A Website normally includes a homepage and is usually located on the same server. Such a site is prepared and maintained as a collection of data, information and graphics by a person, a group, or an organization. The purpose of a web site may be for personal or business use or application. The Web Site may also be income producing and either be a for profit or non profit purpose. A Website may also relate to charitable purposes. A true independent web site has it's own Domain name and address and it's own site located at a professionally hosted site.

One type of Website is a Blog. A blog (a blend of the term web log). It is either a type of website or a part of component of a website. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; while others function as personal online diaries or journals. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular daily entries commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Most blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments. The interactivity distinguishes them from other static websites..

The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of most blogs. Blogs are normally not prone to organized searches for information due to their very nature. Most are a single page that scroll's downward as needed to accommodate the entries. They are usually indexed only by month and year and frequently have numerous links. Newer Blogs may have search facilities added to the site and may be categorized by subject matter.

Domain Names

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages the develop0ment and architecture of the Internet Domain Name Space and authorizes Domain name Registrars. It is a part of DNS (Domain Name System). The registration of domain names is administered by Domain name Registrars who sell this service to the public purchasers of Domain names. The purchase of a domain name confers an exclusive right of use of the purchased domain name.

The purchase is by year with a limit of no more than a maximum of 10 years ownership of the domain name at one time…the domain name ownership is renewable as long as it does not exceed 10 future years. The main name is normally followed by a suffix such as.”com” or.”org” or .”net”. The “com” ending is the most common. If one desires all three variations, they must all be separately purchased.

What does it mean to have a website without Domain name ownership? In effect it means that the site is parked on the Domain name site of someone who owns that particular Domain name and is renting the site space from a site host. It also means that a continued presence on that Domain site is at the courtesy, pleasure or convenience of the Domain name owner.

"Facebook" is a good example of a site owned by a person/corporation that allows facebook user's to have their own page...the users are there at the pleasure of the owner...the owner of Facebook makes considerable money selling advertising space.  Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004...they describe themselves as a "social networking service" with headquarters in Menlo Park, California...they claim that in a month there are 2.2 Billion users. Admitted income in the year 2017 was 15.9 Billion dollars.

This distinction came home to me with startling clarity when our first web site for June’s honor and memory was a site located on the AOL’s domain site in the mid 2000’s. AOL made websites available to all of their customers. It was a simple single page that scrolled down in length as needed to accommodate the amount of text on the page. Such a site had very limited features. However in 2007, AOL decided to discontinue this service to their customers. That ended my first website in June's honor and memory. I had a similar experience with MSN. It was in 2008 that we decided to purchase our own Domain name ( and rent our own yearly space with a commercial site host.

Site Maintenance and Management

Web sites require maintenance of the site to retain continuous trouble free operation and function. The individual who has the competence to edit, change and update the site is usually referred to as the "Webmaster". I am the webmaster of June's web site. Editing of the site is done by CMS programs or content management programs. This program permits me to make editorial changes in the pages, essays or articles. I can add or delete pages. I can add or delete photos and illustrations and add or delete links. I also maintain the menus. I use the Joomla CMS programs...

In addition a site needs a technical advisor and support person who is qualified to analyze and resolve internet operatonal problems. Such a person is also able to make structural changes to the configuration and operation of the site itself. Tehnical adivosrs also serve as the first line of defense against hackers and other persons intent on malicious efforts against the site....they provide the site's security and maintain the site's integrity. My technical advisor also "bails me out" whenever I "screw up" in my maintenance efforts on and of the site.  The technical advisor for June's website is the lady who is listed on the bottom strip of the site home page. Katy Chayka is my site support and technical advisor. This lady also makes quarterly back up copies of the site.


The current Facebook pages are excellent examples of individuals having websites in which they do not own the Domain name. The Domain name is of course Facebook and is owned by Facebook as is the site itself. The Facebook pages are also good examples of the Blog type of website in which it scrolls down to accommodate the amount of text and pictures-photos with numerous links. Like the true Blog, it is interactive by the readers/friends.  In addition to June's regular web site as described below, I maintain a facebook page in my name Stanton O. Berg and another Memorial facebook page in June K. Berg's name and both are primarily used to promote Alzheimers's awareness, research, funding and proper care practices.

Most of the internet Alzheimer’s related websites are personal memorials with related Alzheimer’s information. Some are operated as a blog. Most are non profit in nature. Some have advertisements and are income producing and for profit operations. Some may also be related to a business function. Some websites such as June’s, may have a charitable function.

June's Website

Stan and JuneJune K. Berg’s website is primarily a standard form of website with no blog feature. June's website has it's own privately owned Domain name and address and is located on and with a professional site host.

June's web site has approx, 320 pages, that are arranged and or indexed on 3 drop down menus...searching the site can be done quickly by using a search box on the upper right of the page that permits the user to type in search words.


June’s website is intended to:

(1.) honor and preserve June’s memory while also - 

(2.) promoting an Alzheimer’s awareness. A primary purpose of June’s website is to -

 (3.) provide information on Alzheimer’s for the family and caregivers of Alzheimer’s victims. June’s website is further intended to -

 (4.) promote Alzheimer’s research, funding and proper care practices.

(5.) Multi-charitable functions are also associated with the above objectives in an effort to demonstrate a reflection of God's Love..

June’s website is personal in nature and is not utilized for any business or commercial purposes. The site is not income producing and does not accept commercial or business advertisement fees, gifts or income of any kind.

June’s Website is faith based with a number of articles or essays relating to June’s Lutheran-Christian faith. The home page’s large top of page graphic sets the tone with a fog shrouded figure crossing a bridge while journeying towards a distant cross in the sky.

June’s website has a strong multi-charitable function. A number of private charitable programs are administered in honor of and in behalf of June K. Berg. These programs can be found on June’s website on the bottom graphic navigation box entitled:

(“June K. Berg Memorials.”)

The resulting menu of (15) Fifteen items, lists the thirteen (13) current and active charitable type memorial functions including this website, having June and an Alzheimer’s connection. Recipients of the various charitable functions,  would where appropriate, each receive a letter from June with her picture (prepared in behalf of June by her husband Stan) that outlines June's Alzheimer’s history and refers them to June’s website for more information.

These (13) thirteen active charitable functions except this website, and the awareness card program, are essentially related to three organizations. One is the Redeemer Lutheran Church, one is the Benedictine Health Care Center of Innsbruck through the Innsbruck Foundation and one is Compassion International. (The Redeemer Lutheran is June’s church in which she was a member for over 50 years. The Benedictine Health Care Center of Innsbruck is the “faith based” care facility that June was a resident in for the last 2.7 years of her life. Compassion International is related to the sponsorship of the little girl from Africa.)  Because June has and had a strong faith in God, she would want the memorial programs that are administered in her behalf to be an expression of God’s Love! What better way than through faith based non profit organizations? All donations made in June's behalf for the memorial functions described, are made directly to the associated organizations administering the memorial functions. Such donation payments would be made to the Redeemer Lutheran Church or the Innsbruck Foundation. No direct payments or donations are made to individuals. The card distribtion programs (Alzheimer's Awareness)  involves (8) eight cooperating business establishments having a former connection to June's life.

One of the more static functions is the Memorial Stained Glass windows to be found in the Holy Spirit Chapel at the Benedictine Health Care Center. The windows are (7) seven in number and are dedicated to June, June’s father Henry and her mother Haldis, June’s mother in law Ellen, June’s father in law Tom and our Son David. The largest window is dedicated to June and Ellen, who were both Alzheimer’s victims and to all the world wide victims of Alzheimer’s with a prayer for God’s peace for all who are afflicted with this terrible disease.

Also included in the menu listing of (15) Fifteen,  (not one of the charitable functions), is a (living memorial of Azaleas) planted in memory of June by her daughter Susan at her home in Cary, NC.

Stanton O. Berg, who was/is June’s husband of 56 years, is the administrator of the website and also administers the private charitable programs in June’s behalf. Stan is and acts as June’s worldly agent. Stan uses the private and personal funds and savings that were acquired and that resulted from June and Stan's lifetime marriage partnership. Upon Stanton O. Berg's death, provisions in his will provide for the continuation of the charitable functions and this website by his personal representatives for a period of at least 10 years.


The Future of June's Website

Three of Stan's long time friends have agreed to be responsible for the operation and maintenance of June's Web site for up to ten years after Stan has passed on..

Money for the maintenance of the site is provided for in Stan's last will and testament...Stan's daughter Julie is the Administrator of the will.

Stan's three friends are (1,) Marsha McKneely Ault from Nacogdoches, Texas, (2.) Dianne Cogar from Springfield, Ohio and (3.) John Stevens from Kaufman, Texas... they will  be assisted by Katy Chayka, Stan's internet expert and consultant with offices in New Brighton.


NO outside funding or financial assistance of any kind or  from any source is accepted in order to administer or finance any of the above described charitable functions. Direct contributions however may be made to the Redeemer Lutheran Church of Fridley, Minnesota for use in the (June K. Berg, Old Chapel Repair Fund) as administered by that church.

Because of June's personal interest and love for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, monthly donations are made to this association in June and Stan's name. In addition, Compassion International receives monthly funding  as a part of Stan and June's caring for a child in poverty...This is the only other charitable function in June's name that is not Alzheimer's related.




Purple AngelJune and Stan were both appointed as Purple Angel World Dementia Ambassadors  (October 2013) for the purpose of promoting world wide awareness of Alzheimer's and the dementia diseases. Such an awareness will in turn  promote funding for research to find a cure and to promote proper care practices. June was appointed an honorary Purple Angel Ambassador with Stan as her representative in order to promote her many  charitable programs that all have an Alzheimer's and dementia awareness connection. June is the only resident of Heaven to have received this honor...and who actually lives among the Angels...The Purple Angel world headquarters is in Devon, United Kingdom.



 Traffic to June’s Web Site in the Year's 2017- 2018


The number of daily page visits in the year (2017-2018) to June's web site varied form 1600 tp 3000

Origin of page visitors in 2017 - 2018  indicates visitors from 170 foreign countries and including the US...while most visitors are from the US, there is heavy traffic from the UK, Europe, Russia and China.

Since June's website was first created in June 2008, there have been over 2,500,000 visitors!

This page alone has had 16,000 visitors. (June 2018)


* Data from Content Management System program (Joomla) and foreign visits from the site hosts data.


Reader's Comments

Tracy Lund  - Roseau, Minnesota - (16 July 2013): "You are making such difference Stan in her honor & in the name of love!!!"

Jill A Lindsay  - Norfolk, Virginia - (16 July 2013): "Just looked a the website.  My own dear mother-in-law was placed into an Alzheimer's facility, today has been very emotional for me.  Thank you for the uplifting tributes to your wife, they are truly amazing.  Thank you for sharing your lifelong journey with others."

Lin Schmidt  - Anoka, Minnesota - (16 July 2013): "You're doing good work for June, Stan!"

Kim Monery  (17 July 2013): "Well done Stanton. Such an inspiration."

Maxine J Bailey  - Rotherham, United Kingdom - (17 July 2013):"Please keep going Stan it needs to be eradicated...My Dad has been consumed by it, he is laid to rest tomorrow."

Michelle Hall Miller  - Irvington, Alabama - (17 July 2013): "The Today Show had a segment on Alzheimers's Tues., maybe June's site sparked it?"

David Glesne  - Fridley, Minnesota - (17 July 2013): "This is incredible, Stan!, Pastor Dave."

Lisa Walsh  - Melbourne, Australia - (17 July 2013): "Thanks for sharing June's page Stanton.  I have shared it with my fellow class members.  We are studying aged care at the moment, and I am about to do my placement in a dementia unit, I find your links and information very interesting.  June's page has certainly spread wide and far, we are in Melbourne, Australia."

Beth Ann Doucette  - Lino Lakes, Minnesota - (17 July 2013): "Wow!!:-  Good for you:- It is something to share, and you have made it what it is:- It is not only interesting to read but VERY edicational:- Keep up the good work!!" 

Dorothy Peabody  - Vadnais Heights, Minnesota - (17 July 2013): "This is so awesome; I lost a sister from the very same disease!!"

Gill Denman  - Essex, United Kingdom- (18 July 2013): "There's something unique about June's site, there's a lot of stuff about this evil plague on the web - no answers though.  With your pages it charts a progression, it highlights how ANYONE can be a victim.  It is personal, human and caring - things that are often lacking in the world today, things that many people need.  To read the pages feels like joining a family, you just have to see the comments you get, everyone is part of a huge extended family centred around June pages and your postings.  Dementia is a lonely path in life for victim and carer, it is easy to lose the feeling of being part of a community. People genuinely worry about you."

Linda Peterson  - Portland, Maine - (13 April 2014):"I came across your website after reading an article online that was riduculously inaccurate regarding dementia. I clicked on the comments section to see what others thought and came across a comment from Stan, who thought the same, and directed readers to this website. I have only looked through a bit of it, but look forward to reading all of it. I am a physical therapist, trying to provide excellent care in a facility that sounds slightly better than the facility June was in initially. Education is the key. Thanks for your site. I look forward to reading more...Well Done."

Sue Stratton  - Harwich, United Kingdom - (2 May 2014): "Thank you Stan for the insights into your experiences of dementia. I work as a nurse in a small community hospital in England, and I am also doing a Palliative Care degree. I am concentrating my studies on the palliative care of dementia patients as I feel their needs are often unacknowledged and overlooked purely because staff find it difficult to understand and communicate with them. I am especially interested in ensuring that holistic and spiritual care is given to this client group, based on their individual needs. Your website has provided me with plenty of food for thought. You are an inspiration, as is June, I appreciate all you do. Wishing you health and happiness...Sue"

Adair Tritchler - (1 February 2015):"Awesome site!  I picked up your card at Champp's New Brighton so long ago and it had been rattling in my purse.  Today was the day I learned about your incredible journey, brillant writing and love love love.  Thank you for sharing."

Deb Adz McMum McEvoy-Mcbrias  - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (7 March 2015):"Hi I've just been reading Junes website. It's got so much info in it. I was very interested in the Aricept part of her medication. My mum was prescribed this drug only last week. Today we have decided not to go down the Aricept path Only time will tell us if we were right or wrong. You should be so proud of yourself creating Junes website. Am sure she must be so proud of you. Take care."

Catherine Jones-Hatcher  - Richmond, Virginia - (30 May 2015):“Touching... For any of you dealing with Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia, this site is vast. Much info to share, and it has a human side as well.. The site is like a book. It blends science and medical info with a TRUE love story... You will be drawn in if you go here…Thank me for sharing it with you after you visit.... and God Bless you and your loved ones! “



June's Passing

June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom and into Jesus presence to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"